Apartment unit cleaned out in downtown Oakland CA

Your storage cleaned out: How to Get the Most out of Your Hauler, Part 2

Some clients have asked what they can do to prepare for our visit, so we thought we’d put out a list of things that help you get the most out of West Coast Junk’s visit; get your junk removed, and your storage cleaned out.  This is part 2 of How to get the Most out of Your Hauler.  If you haven’t already, check out Part 1!

We’ve already covered knowing what to do, reading what former clients have to say and separating trash from treasure. Part 1 also covered removing hazardous materials from the junk, and taking a walk around your space.  Here are five more ways to get the most out of West Coast Junk’s services, to get your storage space clean, clear, and back in action for you.

Apartment storage cleaned out in downtown Oakland CA

Break up a big project

Breaking up your large-scale removals into planned haul-aways will save you a ton of stress. If you call us early into your project, we can get the first load of junk out of your way so that you can easily move around in your space. Set up a schedule of return visits so that as you accumulate demo trash or tunnel your way through a packed storage unit, we can remove items that you wish to trash, recycle, or donate on a regular schedule.

Plan to have your storage cleaned out with us

Storage unit clean-outs – those are our specialty!

Apartment unit and storage cleaned out in Oakland, CA

Protect your pets!

Animals get anxious when there’s a lot of activity going on and strangers in the house. We may also be opening and closing the door, making it easier for a jumpy pet to rush out unnoticed.  We recommend putting your pet in a room that’s away from the main area of activity while having your storage cleaned out.

Give the animal a comfortable spot to rest, some toys or comfort objects, and a hiding spot, if possible. Put food, water, and if applicable, a potty spot like a litter box for big hauls. Playing some music or white noise will help, too. To help them get their energy out, make sure you play with them a bit before we arrive. Take dogs for walks or toss the ball around. Bust out that dusty laser pointer. It will help them to chill out when we arrive with our weird smells and loud noises!

Apartment unit cleaned out in downtown Oakland CA

Know our pricing and coupon offers

Our pricing is transparent and printed on our website’s pricing page. You might need to break things up as your budget allows. We also have coupons, though not every week.

Keep our phone number handy while your storage cleaned out – (510) 421-1730

While you aren’t required to do any of these things, we find that they make everything run smoothly. Contact us if you can think of anything that we’ve missed, or have something that you found useful during your experience with us!

We’re happy to come back multiple times during your long project – we’ll handle that rental clear out, then help with light demo, construction debris removal, and take away the huge load of boxes that came with your appliances, lighting, furniture, etc.

Apartment unit and storage cleaned out in Oakland, CA

We’re happy to answer any questions you have along the way to booking with us, of course. You may also find answers on our website’s FAQ page. Once again, if you haven’t yet read Part 1 – it might be helpful in getting you ready for your West Coast Junk appointment, and help you get your storage cleared out!

Schedule a Pickup Today and get your storage cleaned out! Complete the form on our bookings page, or call (510) 421-1730 and we will get back to you within a few hours.

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