How do I dispose of my old TV? West Coast Junk Removal Pleasanton can help!

Where Can I Dispose of My Old TV?

Gone are the days of massive, clunky television sets that required a small army to move. This makes TV removal a much easier process, but there’s still an important question that you’ve probably wondered: “Where can I dispose of my old TV?” The simple answer is that your TV really shouldn’t be disposed, but actually recycled.

There are mechanical pieces inside that can be hazardous to the environment and to the health of animals and humans, so it’s important that those odds and ends be handled properly. Additionally, the reality is that there is a finite number of resources on the planet. The elements and chemicals needed to build even the smallest electronics will eventually run out, so recycling pieces can be a great way to slow that trend.

How Do I Dispose of my E-waste in the East SF Bay Area, and junk removal Pleasanton CA

West Coast Junk knows Recycling Centers and E-waste Centers

The rise of consumer electronics in the past couple of decades has been fantastic. We have access to devices that were once science fiction and it seems like something new and exciting is unveiled every day.  A side effect of this ingenuity, however, is a logjam of waste from old items. In response, electronics recycling centers – also known as “e-waste centers” – have popped up in just about every town. Major electronics sales stores like Best Buy have even begun offering offering the answer to any customer who asked “Where can I dispose of my old TV?”


So, the first step is locating a center near you. This shouldn’t be a very difficult thing to do, but it’s important to verify the location’s operation hours. Many e-waste centers close surprisingly early and aren’t open every day. Weekends are usually safe, but that also means that there is a higher amount of traffic.

Donation Centers in the East Bay, SF Bay Area, and San Jose Metro

While you may be fortunate enough to afford a new TV, many people in your community are probably not so lucky. Donation centers like Goodwill and Salvation Army are an excellent alternative to an electronic waste center.

If you choose to donate your old television, make sure that it is in working condition. It doesn’t need to be perfect, but it needs to be completely functional. It also helps to have the remote control that corresponds with the set taped to the TV. The only thing worse than not being able to find your remote is not having one at all!

Donating is, without a doubt, the most eco-friendly answer to the question of “Where can I dispose of my old TV?” Recycling is a great idea but it doesn’t always work as well as it sounds.

E-waste filling landfills all over. How do I dispose of my old TV responsibly in San Jose, CA?

Moving the TV and Junk Removal in Pleasanton and beyond

The caveat of TVs being easier to carry than they used to be is that they also tend to be more fragile. Especially with thin systems, gripping too tightly can cause micro-cracks that will completely ruin a screen. They can be a little awkward to carry, especially the bigger ones.

To effectively move a TV, great care is required. Ensure that the entire device is wrapped in something that will protect it from scratches or minor bumps before you pick it up. Spare bubble wrap you might have lying around the house would be perfect for the edges, and something like a blanket to cover everything else goes a long way.

Hire a professional Junk Removal Service like West Coast Junk to dispose of my old TV!

Of course, the easiest answer to “Where can I dispose of my old TV?” is to hire a professional junk removal service like West Coast Junk. Our experts will remove televisions, washing machines, heaters, and all kinds of bulky electronic equipment. We also take the extra step to ensure that we are as sustainable as possible, and we do it all with a smile.

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