Spring Clean out your storage spaces and garages, and then we'll haul it away while social distancing!

Tips for a Productive Quarantine

Coronavirus quarantine is affecting us all.  Plain and simple, there’s no way around it. We should all be staying home, and we hope you are!  Staying home for weeks on end can drive even the most introverted of us nuts, and one way to beat the boredom is to clean up and to clean out!  With Bay Area and all California school’s canceled, maybe your kids have the crazies? Get them involved in spring cleaning!  We’ve put together some ways to stay productive during the quarantine.


Have a productive quarantine:  Clean, clean, clean!

Quarantine Spring cleaning!  There is no time like the present to tackle the spring cleaning you might normally (or not so normally?) do.  Cleaning your home, inside and out, doesn’t require any trips to the store, and can even be a great opportunity to take advantage of nice spring weather.

Wash your windows, inside and out. Start with the outside, and use a solution of dish soap, or mild liquid soap like Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap (our personal favorite), diluted into some hot water. Wash exterior windows with a sponge or rag, loosening all the dirt that has accumulated through the winter winds and rains. Rinse well (the hose can work), use a clean rag to wipe down, and follow with a lint-free cloth (we like old cotton cloth napkins) wet with a little vinegar. (The best time to do this is when the window is not in direct sun.)

Interior windows might have a haze, and again, the best way to clean them is to use that lint-free cloth and some white vinegar.  You might be surprised at what a difference clean windows make, and you may not have even realized they were so dirty! Now, enjoy the sparkling natural light you just brought into your home, along with your productive quarantine!


West Coast Junk is open for business during the quarantine as an essential business.

Make space and get rid of junk – clean out!

This is a great time to CLEAN OUT.  As the seasons are changing, make your quarantine productive by cleaning out closets and swapping out your wardrobe for seasonal items.  Rotate the heavy sweaters to the high shelves and prepare for sunny weather by bring tanks and sundresses back in reach.

While you’re at it, get realistic about what you’ve worn in recent seasons, and what you’ll wear coming up. If you went a year without wearing something, you likely won’t wear it again this year. Make a donate pile and add to it as you go through all of your closets. Kids grown out of something? Donate! Last year’s baseball outfit? They’re not likely to be on that team again, donate to the next kid!

Set small, achievable productive quarantine goals

The best tip for a productive quarantine is to set achievable goals! Maybe your goal can be to clean out one room a week! Besides closets, think about bathroom cabinets, the laundry room, your desk, or the kitchen. Clean out your freezer, take stock of what’s in there and then do some creative meal planning with what you find. You might find that you don’t need to go to the grocery store after all, simply by shopping your pantry or freezer!

Clean out your pantry

Like anything else, pantry staples often get overlooked.  Now is a great time to spring clean your pantry, and take inventory of what you have, before buying anything else.  Make a list of your dry-goods and see how they line up with meals you might want to make.  Toss out nuts or items that are expired and may have gone rancid without you noticing. Then, re-organize what you have so it’s easy to reach for, and options are clear.


Spring Clean out your storage spaces and garages, and then we'll haul it away while social distancing!


We are open for junk removal, call us to haul it away!

West Coast Junk is open for business during the quarantine as an essential business.  We are operating during shelter in place, we can still serve you. We provide non-contact service and will take payment over the phone. Just leave your junk in front of your house or side yard and we’ll take care of the rest! Take a look at what we can and can’t take, and areas we serve in San Francisco, San Jose, and the East Bay Area.

Finding ways to make for a productive quarantine can help you stay motivated and keep your morale up. We also know that a clean and clear space can contribute to good mental health.  You do the cleaning out, and West Coast Junk will do the hauling away.  We are pleased to work together with you and keep things moving during this tricky time for everyone.  We appreciate your time and your business! Hopefully, we can help you while you stay home and keep our communities safe and healthy.

Call us today at (510) 421-1730, check out our online booking page and let’s get started!

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