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Sunnyvale Fixer Remodel Debris Removal Solved!

We heard from a couple in San Jose, who just purchased a home in Sunnyvale. It was a bargain buy, and closer to work for them both – but a fixer-upper in need of updating. They are working on a complete remodel of the home, giving it a more modern look, and current appeal. To keep within budget, the couple did all the demo themselves and were then left with the debris to get rid of. That’s where West Coast Junk enters this remodel debris removal story.

As you can see – construction filled the entire garage! These are the remains of the bathroom, living room, and kitchen.

remodel debris removal san jose sunnyvale

Demo’d remains in Sunnyvale

remodel demo debris in san jose sunnyvale

Goodbye dated kitchen, bathroom and living room!

Demo remodel debris removal is right up our alley

They called us up to clear out the remodel debris and get them back on track. Easy breezy for West Coast Junk! We came with our truck and team of trained debris haulers, safely loaded and hauled away the construction demo mess. Take a look at the clean, open garage after all that demo debris removal out of there. You can tell that this is going to be a beautiful home, complete with a good-sized garage.

san jose remodel debris sunnyvale

Hello new possibilities!

demo cleanup san jose sunnyvale

Clean and clear garage, free of debris!

If you’re looking to get into a home in Sunnyvale, a fixer-upper could be a great option for you too. ( We’re happy to help you along the way, and if you don’t want to do the demo yourself, we can even assist with that too. We not only haul away remodel debris, we are able to do the demolition for you if that’s what you need.

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