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Residential: San Jose Yard Clean-Up and Hauling

With all the extra time you’ve been spending at your San Jose home you decided to do some spring cleaning and decluttering, and the inside looks amazing. Unfortunately, now you’ve noticed that your yard could use a little TLC too. After all, within the next few months life will return to normal and you’ll be inviting your friends over for some summertime BBQs. You’ll get a clean yard in San Jose in no time.

But as you survey your surroundings your heart begins to sink. Where do you start? Getting your backyard cleaned up and looking beautiful again is possible when taking these steps.

Prioritize Your Yard Beautification Projects

First, you’ll need to visualize how you’d like your finished yard to look and then prioritize your clean-up projects. You’ve got a few more weeks until summer arrives, so time is on your side.

Thankfully, San Jose recently lifted some of the shelter in place restrictions for businesses like landscapers, which means you can get that long-awaited garden landscaping project done once you’ve prepped the area.

In general, things will go a lot more smoothly if you compile a yard beautification list and check off the items as you go. After being cooped up inside, getting outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine will also do your health a lot of good!

Backyard cleanup junk hauling San Jose, CA

Plant a Flower Garden in Your  Clean San Jose Yard

Since you want the landscapers to come over soon, preparing an area for your new flower garden is a priority. After visiting the Municipal Rose Garden in San Jose last year, you’ve decided to go with some colorful rose bushes. Unfortunately, you’ll have to clean out an old brick walkway and overgrown weeds first.

Dig up the bricks with a shovel, stack them in a pile and then decide how to dispose of the debris. Here’s a better idea: Instead of disposing of the bricks ask the landscapers to create a stunning border out of them around your new rose garden.

Next, pull up those ugly weeds and put them in a pile. Pulled weeds, grass clippings, branches and leaves are all considered yard waste that can’t be combined with your regular trash. Instead of taking up valuable space in a landfill, why not recycle your yard trimmings by starting a compost pile?

Once that’s all done, it’ll be time to purchase your rose bushes and call the landscapers.


Old storage shed, rickety, ready for West Coast Junk to come demo and haul the junk!

Replace Your Old Storage Shed

That rickety old wooden storage shed in the corner of your yard has been an eyesore for years.

At this point, its faded boards are starting to split, the window’s broken and the shingles are shot. Now it’s time to tear it down and replace it with a new one. After picking up building materials you’re anxious to get started.

However, you’ll first need to clean out the shed and dispose of any unwanted items. There’s that old push mower that hasn’t worked for years, cracked clay flowerpots and some old paint cans from your house painting project 10 years ago. All those will have to go.

But then you remember that you can’t just lawfully toss all that junk out with the regular trash. Instead, you’ll need to separate the items by category and then haul them off to a San Jose recycling center when you have time.

Keep in mind that after tearing down your shed you’ll also have construction debris that will need to be lawfully disposed of. As you start dissembling it, separate the debris into these piles:

  • Wood scraps
  • Metal nails, screws, hinges and flashing
  • Glass windows
  • Asphalt shingles

When you’re through, you’ll need to haul off each pile separately to the appropriate Santa Clara County recycling or disposal center. By the way, your brand-new storage shed looks great and your friends will no doubt be impressed!

Give Your Clean Yard in San Jose the Final Touch  

Now that your two biggest yard beautification projects are done, it’s time to go around your lot and clean up some other junk. Start by tossing out that old tire swing that your San Jose State University senior played on years ago.

While you’re at it, why not donate those old yard toys and bicycles behind the garage to a worthy cause after giving them a good washing?

And finally, prune those overgrown bushes and tree branches that are blocking your view. Your neighbor has a woodchipper he said you could borrow, so turn that yard waste into organic mulch and then sprinkle it around your rose garden.


Green waste tree trimming and hauling in San Jose, CA. Before and After!

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