San Jose trash hauling service and junk removal

San Jose Trash Hauling Service: Should You Do It Yourself or Hire a Professional?

Are you tired of looking around your garage, office or in your home and seeing nothing but an ever-growing mountain of trash? Well, you might want to consider using a San Jose trash hauling service. Let’s face it, everyone has a little hip of junk piling up in his or her workplace or home; when was the last time you were able to actually park your car in the garage? Saving and storing are at times a beneficial practice, but if uncontrolled, your home will soon be overrun with more trash than treasure.

Consider these qualities of reliable trash hauling services:

Convenience: Reduce stress by hiring a San Jose trash hauling company

If you’re looking at the bigger picture, there is actually much more to trash hauling services than just the price tag. For starters, delegating the daunting task of cleaning your clutter to professional trash haulers like West Coast Junk is simply much more convenient. They will haul all your trash and dispose of it in a a professional manner while you attend to other chores around the house or leave to handle other responsibilities.

Hiring a professional junk hauler can also hasten the cleaning project. This is because they have teams of workers, the right equipment and the right experience. Trash removers can clean out a house full of hoarded trash or even an attic effectively and efficiently. Even better, professional trash haulers will be able to ferry all your trash away in one trip. Compare that with the countless trips you will have to make if you are using your pickup truck or car to transport bags of debris from your property to the dump site.


Let’s say you have an office building in near the Minnetta International Airport in San Jose and you have just completed a remodel of the office space. You have trash and construction debris that needs to be hauled away. If you factor in the time, the number of trips to and from your office in order to dispose of all your debris and the total cost of gas, you may find it that it is cheaper to delegate the job to a professional trash hauler. Not only is using your own employees for trash hauling expensive, but it also invites potential issues with injuries and overtime costs.

Health and Safety

Cuts, back strains, and abrasions are a few of the potential liabilities of hauling and clearing junk. Additionally, you might be handling health hazard materials that need to be handled legally and properly. Without the necessary equipment and proper training, getting rid of some waste materials can result in legal complications. By outsourcing labor from a professional trash removal service, you can rest easy with no worries about creating an environment where your family, friends, you, and your neighbors are put at risk.

Yard Waste Removal

Example: Your home in the Willow Glen area of San Jose has a beautiful back yard and garden which, after winter, becomes filled with piles of leaves and debris. This leaves you with a garden area that looks shabby and untidy. We all know that cleaning the garden area after winter can be very tough and stressful. Your best bet here would be to call upon the help of a reliable, professional trash hauler in San Jose. Trash removal and hauling experts come equipped with all the necessary equipment to thoroughly clean your garden area. Additionally, they offer other cleaning services like:

• Household junk services
• Clean out services
• Construction debris removal services
• Office junk removal services

Responsible Recycling

A professional junk removal service in San Jose, or anywhere here in the San Francisco Bay Area, doesn’t just get rid of your trash for it to sit in a landfill for years to come. Instead, they make efforts to recycle your old and unwanted items that can be reused. Often, they work hand in hand with professional recycling facilities to ensure the proper handling of your debris and trash.

Illegal Dumping

Without a professional trash hauling service, you may run the risk of facing fines and citations if your waste is handled incorrectly. Anytime you dispose of a large amount of trash, you also run the risk of creating potentially hazardous situations; individuals could rummage through your trash and end up suffering serious injury that you could be liable for.

Hazardous Waste Removal

Handling of hazardous materials is something that should be left to the professionals. Otherwise, improper cleaning of a work site can harm the environment and, again, have you facing fines and citations.

Trash hauling companies are a very important service to homeowners and businesses alike. So, if you are looking for a way you can dispose of your trash, then enlist for the help of a San Jose trash hauling service today!

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