Apartment benefits from our San Francisco junk hauling service

San Francisco Junk Hauling: Let the Light Shine Through!

When you are buried in mounds of junk it can feel overwhelming. At West Coast Junk we receive lots of calls from customers who need to have space cleared out. Many times the rooms are so filled with miscellaneous stuff you can barely walk through them. Sometimes the trash is piled right up to the ceiling. Very often it’s not even the customer’s junk, it’s another family member or someone they are responsible for and need to have the trash hauled away to make room for a clean, clear space. Additionally, all of that debris makes for both safety and sanitary issues.

A Call for Junk Hauling Help

We recently worked with a customer in San Francisco who needed help cleaning out an apartment full of junk. We were able to clear out the trash and haul it all away. As you can see from the before pictures it was a lot of stuff including a sink (can you find it?) buried under a heap of junk.

San Francisco junk hauling service works to clear out apartment

The junk was so high it nearly touched the ceiling.

San Francisco junk hauling service addresses problem with piles of junk in apartment

Professional Haulers Take it Away

It’s no easy feat to clear away a lot of junk and trash from a room or many rooms for most people. It can be daunting and physically challenging. Once you have the trash removed from the room it then needs to be hauled to a landfill and will also need to meet specific requirements from your city our county. Large amounts of trash and junk need a vehicle that can handle the items. When you use a professional junk hauler they should have all of that covered. One less thing for you to think about and one step closer to reclaimed space.

At West Coast Junk we haul away all sorts of items. We have a team of professionals and all the right tools and methods to properly dispose of junk. We even take the extra step of bringing any usable or salvageable items to a donation center where it can be put to good use.

Apartment in San Francisco had junk and items for donation store hauled away

Junk Removed. Ahhh…. isn’t that so much better?

After our team hauled everything away from this apartment in San Francisco, the sun could finally shine through. Our customers were pleased with the result; the space became usable and more valuable in just one visit from our hauling service.

Take Back your Space

Remember, you don’t need to live in space that you can’t use. You don’t need to be the only one to remove the junk either. That is what we are here for. We truly enjoy making your living space a clean and clear space.

San Francisco Junk Hauling Service

West Coast Junk is based in Dublin, CA and serves the greater San Francisco Bay Area, including San Jose and all of Silicon Valley. Need service right away? Call or text (925) 785-6726.

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