Trash hauling, yard waste and junk removal in Dublin, California

Professional Hauling: The Key to Faster Yard Cleanup

The Trouble with Being Green

Yard waste can present a bit of a dilemma when it piles up all at once. It is unsightly sitting in your yard and can physically get in the way of landscaping plans moving forward. But getting rid of yard debris isn’t as easy as bagging up the waste and tossing it to the curb.

On the one hand, you don’t want to hire a trash removal service to take your useful yard waste away to the dump where it simply rots. On the other hand, you have no desire to slowly feed your yard waste into the little bin the city provides, and that’s only an option if you live in a place where yard waste is included in your garbage removal program. Your best option may be to hire removal professionals who will collect your yard waste, all at once, and send it off to the proper place.

City Waste Bins vs. Trash Hauling in Dublin, CA

In the debate between whether it’s better to get rid of yard waste yourself or outsource your junk removal Dublin, CA, pickup policies work as a good example. Dublin is a lovely, suburban town with lots of grass and trees. As nice as that is, the tradeoff of living in such a green place is a lot of yard work for the typical resident. The more yard work you do the more leaves, grass clipping, and branches pile up.

The city of Dublin charges residents and businesses to take away yard waste in a green lid organics bin. This is a great program if you have a small and steady stream of yard waste to get rid of. But what about after a big landscaping project or after a tree removal? By calling a service for junk pickup Dublin, CA residents can make sure their clippings, leaves, and branches resulting from a bigger yard work project is hauled away all at once

More Than Just Yard Waste

Another benefit of hiring professionals in this situation: they will take just about anything else you need to get rid of out of your yard, garage, greenhouse, or barn.

  • Wood. This includes old firewood, wooden pallets, and scrap wood that isn’t pressure treated.
  • Lawn care equipment. Even gardening tools and your old lawnmower can be hauled away.
  • Recyclables. Yes, you can file all your recycled materials into your appointed bin. But if you’re already calling up the trash hauling company to take away your yard waste, you might as well have them load up any cardboard, bottles, cans, or old newspapers around your property, too.
  • Building debris. Let the waste haulers take any drywall, tile, concrete block, and other building materials piled up from your last home improvement project.
  • Patio furniture. It doesn’t even have to be scrapped– the old lawn set can find a new life once the haulers donate it to the thrift store.

Finish Your Yard Improvement With Professional Hauling

Because they can take away all your yard waste at once and also remove all manner of other debris and junk, a hauling company is a great option for finishing your yard work project fast. This way, you can continue with your landscaping plans or simply enjoy the newly clean and open space in your yard.

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