Best Bay Area junk removal pricing

West Coast Junk offers the best junk removal pricing and the friendliest service in the bay area. Most jobs are priced by volume of junk we remove. Price are given up front with no surprises or hidden fees. You simply tell us what needs to be done and we do all the lifting, carrying, and recycling.

West Coast Junk Removal Business

TRUCK SIZE: 12FT x 8FT x 5FT     Which comes out to 18 cubic yards worth of junksquare_logo-300x216

How we price

We charge by the amount of space your junk takes up in our truck. Everything is measured out in cubic yards and all pricing are given up front with no hidden fees. All final junk removal pricing will include loading, full sweep-up, recycling & disposal cost, transportation, and tax. If you have any questions regarding pricing, please don’t hesitate to Call/Text us at (510) 421-1730 or email

Final Junk Removal Pricing are given when our team arrives on-site and cannot be given via phone or E-mail.

Household junk and trash that require pickup only, where items are already piled up and left out are $40 per cubic yard. Look at the price chart below for truck load pricing. We also offer full apartment/house clean-out. (Chart below is based on a $40 per cubic yard reference, and different factors may alter the price)

One Cubic Yard (CY) = 27 cub ft. which is 3ft X 3ft X 3ft a standard washing machine

Additional labor (sorting, bagging, small demolition, amounts of stairs, and distance of load to be carried to truck, etc.) Range from $40-$50 per cy 

Bedload items such as (Construction debris, Partitions, Cubicles, Conference tables, Tree Trunks, Tile, Drywall, Roofing Material etc) are extremely heavy and can only be loaded to a depth of 1 foot in our trucks due to a 2.5 ton (5000lbs) weight restriction. Range from $80-$150 per cy

After hour services please call our staff to schedule (Minimum 24 hour notice is required) We can be reached at (510) 421-1730 or E-mail

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