Old Concrete Hauling, Backyard Clean Out in the Bay Area

Last month our client called with a load of old bricks, cinder blocks and concrete to be removed. The load was too heavy for them to handle and not accepted by the local garbage service. We came in, cleared out the rubble and hauled the concrete out for disposal. Concrete hauling can do a number on both your back and your vehicle! If you aren’t completely confident in your body, and your ability to safely lift, load, and dispose of concrete or heavy materials, you should not risk it. Take a note from this client and call us to remove concrete and haul away yard debris or old construction debris.

concrete hauling yard waste debris bay area

Large, heavy chunks of concrete

If you’re taking apart your old patio, breaking down an unsafe chimney, or removing an old built-in- BBQ, there will be plenty of messy and heavy chunks of concrete and debris left over. We live in this beautiful Bay Area to enjoy the weather and the outdoors! If you aren’t using your yard, what is the point of having it? West Coast Junk can help you get your yard back to working order and ready for you to start playing again- we’ll dispose of that debris for you.

Contact us for your Concrete Hauling

Our team is trained in proper heavy lifting procedures, and we employ vehicles that are up to the challenge of hauling and disposing concrete. When you have bits of sharply broken concrete, wood that may have nails in it, or large rock debris, the last thing you want is to put that in your vehicle and risk damage. Contact us and ask for concrete hauling, we’ll arrange a time and swiftly come to take it away. You’ll have your yard back and can spend the time preparing steaks to BBQ or planning your new spring garden in its place.

concrete hauling yard debris bay area

Don’t let the jagged edges of concrete damage your vehicle or your back!

What is our Service Area?

West Coast Junk is based in Dublin, CA and serves the greater San Francisco Bay Area, including San Jose and Silicon Valley. For a complete list services provided and areas we serve, click here.

Click here to book directly online. For immediate service, give us a call or send us a text, at (925)785-6727 and let’s take back your yard.

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