Oakland illegal dumping cleanup

Oakland Illegal Dumping Cleanup and Hauling

We recently posted on our Facebook page some photos from an Oakland illegal dumping cleanup we handled. Illegal dumping is a big problem in Oakland and Hayward and we make it a point to help businesses and home owners who call for our illegal dumping cleanup service. We want to help keep their neighborhoods clean and their businesses inviting!

Oakland illegal dumping cleanup: Cost

The cost is not just about how much a trash removal or junk hauling company charges. The bigger battle we all face is being good neighbors to one another and doing our part to keep our neighborhoods clean. We know the “cost” of a dirty, run down neighborhood can involve jeopardizing the safety and happiness of our families, increased crime rate and a reduced property value. When all of those negatives are happening, our quality of life declines. Preventing a simple thing like illegal dumping in your neighborhood – or behind your business, for example – is a big step keeping things positive.

“Not only does it cost a lot of money to keep hauling trash off the streets, it also brings the neighborhood value down.” Peter Nguyen, CEO, West Coast Junk

Pricing for the trash removal and hauling services we offer includes prompt response, friendly and professional service and results in an area that is cleaned up and hassle free.

Oakland illegal dumping cleanup: Prevention

The City of Oakland makes a strong effort to prevent illegal dumping through a rewards program — they give money rewards to people who step up and report illegal dumpers. The people who dump their trash, furniture, appliances, and hazardous materials are at risk of being caught when the good people of Oakland decide to report it.

The City has a unique program that will provide rewards to witnesses who help stop people illegally dumping in Oakland neighborhoods. With the Reward for Reporting Illegal Dumping Program, witnesses who report illegal dumping can receive up to half of all penalties collected in successful enforcement actions based on the witness’s reports.
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Oakland illegal dumping action: Report what you saw

Here are some tips from the City of Oakland website about how you can help stop illegal dumping in your neighborhood:

Four Ways to Report Illegal Dumping

  1. Call the Public Works Call Center 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. at (510) 615-5566
  2. Email: opwcallcenter@oaklandnet.com
  3. Mobile app: SeeClickFix
  4. Online: www.oaklandpw.com click on “Report a Problem”

Include the type of debris, amount and location in your report. Never touch hazardous or medical waste!

If You Witness Illegal Dumping

  • Please provide the following information to assist us in catching and prosecuting illegal dumpers:
  • Photo of the incident
  • License plate number and a description of any vehicles involved
  • Description of the offender(s)
  • Description of items dumped
  • Time, date and location of incident you witnessed

Discourage Dumping on Your Property

  • Light outdoor areas around your home and property
  • Maintain clear sight lines so you can monitor from inside your home
  • Use surveillance cameras to record illegal dumping
  • Define your property boundaries with plants, paving, short walls or fences
  • Trim bushes to 36 inches high and tree limbs 7 feet from the ground, cut weeds and maintain a clean environment
  • Remove graffiti within 24-48 hours
Oakland illegal dumping cleanup trash and junk hauling

Junk illegally dumped in a business driveway. West Coast Junk is here to clean it up!

A junk removal company that cares

West Coast Junk has been recognized as one of the best junk removal companies in Oakland. We are serious about the work we do and about making positive contributions to people’s lives is one of the benefits of that work. Running the gamut from illegal dumping cleanup to backyard junk removal to hauling trash or a hoarder mess – and everything in between – we are at your service.

West Coast Junk is based in Dublin, California, and serves the greater San Francisco Bay Area, including Oakland and all of Silicon Valley. Need service right away? Call or text (925) 785-6726.

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