Junk removal company helps take action during National Asset Management Awareness Month

National Asset Management Awareness Month

Have you ever thought about your business’ space as an asset?  How about that storage room filled with file cabinets, outdated copy machines, computers, electronics and cartons of paper that hasn’t seen daylight in years? Would it be of value to your business to have available space?  Utilizing a junk removal company to haul junk and clutter from these spaces is yet another way to “work smarter not harder”.

This month is National Asset Management Awareness Month and West Coast Junk would like to talk about your assets and how you can responsibly manage them and create more space for your business.

Here are some items to get you thinking about where you can begin making room in your business:

Circuit Boards
Fax Machines
VHS Players
CD Players
Telephones & Cell Phones
Component Parts
UPS Units and Batteries
Switches and Routers
Mixed wires
Audio/Video equipment
Filing Cabinets
Server Racks
Lead Acid Batteries
Air Conditioners
Water Coolers
Non-ferrous metals

How to find a great junk removal company

Once you’ve identified the items that need to be removed, the next step is to find a qualified junk removal company located here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Here’s a quick check-list of things to look for when seeking a responsible, reliable and professional junk removal company:

  •    Customer Service
  •    Capabilities
  •    Positive Reviews
  •    Referrals – Past Jobs
  •    Pricing
  •    Recycling Policy
  •    Equipment
  •    Insurance Protection

It’s always a good business practice to gather information up front before committing to any junk removal company. One thing to keep in mind is that pricing may not always reflect the best result. West Coast Junk offers the best junk removal and trash hauling pricing and the friendliest service from San Francisco to Oakland to San Jose, and all points in between. Most jobs are priced by volume of junk that is removed. Prices are given up front with no surprises or hidden fees. West Coast Junk will do all the lifting, carrying, and recycling. West Coast Junk has made it easy for you with these frequently asked questions.

Shop Local

As a business owner you understand the importance to buy local.  We are a locally owned business based in Dublin, California, and we serve the greater San Francisco Bay Area as well as all of Silicon Valley. West Coast Junk can offer competitive rates to give you the best price for your trash removal.  Going local also means your trash hauling company is likely to be known by businesses you know.  Also, their familiarity with the area will reflect in the timeliness of their arrival.  West Coast Junk has been serving the bay area for years and has been voted 2016 Best of Dublin award in the Garbage Collection Service category. (insert press release – wouldn’t load for me).

Now that you’ve checked off your list of items to be removed, researched a trash removal company that fits your criteria you can enjoy that new space you’ve uncovered.  Happy Asset Management Awareness month!

West Coast Junk makes it easy to set up an appointment and have junk removed from your business or home. You can either book online or call 925-785-6726 to schedule an appointment time around the time you will be available.

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