Help fight Coronavirus in the Bay Area by cleaning, and cleaning out! Then call West Coast Junk to haul it all away

Keeping Clean with Coronavirus in the Bay Area

By now we’ve almost all been impacted by the Coronavirus in the Bay Area.  Whether you or someone you know has actually contracted the virus, or your travel plans or events have been canceled, we’ve all been hit.  Now that schools are canceled and work-from-home schedules have been asked, social distancing is our responsibility to the community to keep everyone healthy, not just ourselves.  Here are some practical ways to keep clean with the Coronavirus in the Bay Area, and to survive the next couple of weeks at home!

Make your time at home productive!

Why not use this time at home for good!  This is the perfect opportunity for some solid Spring cleaning.  Clean out the garage, organize your tools or recently taken down holiday décor, and get rid of the junk that has piled up over the last year.  Summer is coming – are your pool floats in good shape or should they be trashed? We have trucks waiting to haul away all your old boxes, last year’s beach gear, and outgrown toys. Get rid of old chemicals and take a run to the hazardous waste facility.

Want to stay indoors? Clean out your closets and let us haul away everything you no longer need.  Just because Coronavirus in the Bay Area has shut down schools for three weeks, doesn’t mean a vacation or “snow day” for the kids. This is a great opportunity for a closet cleanout with your kids too.  Get ready for the seasons to change and clean out clothes that no longer fit or work for them, and use this as an excuse to teach your kids about living with less.

Help fight Coronavirus in the Bay Area by cleaning, and cleaning out! Then call West Coast Junk to haul it all away

Once the bags are full, call us to haul them away. We have partnerships in place to recycle or dispose of all your unwanted items.


Tips for cleaning, and for fighting germs

Treat yourself to some new cleaning tools or products!  With as much cleaning as you should be doing, it only makes sense to like the way the products smell and feel good about how you’re using them.  Our very favorite counter spray is a small splurge, but it’s perfect packaging, pleasant smell, and safe use for marble and granite make it a win for the cleaning closet.  Our pick for the most beautiful cleaning tools that will make you want to use them: Swedish brand Iris Hantverk.

Cleaning tools have taken great steps forward in the last couple of years.  With all the bad publicity that sponges are getting, compostable, reusable and super absorbent “paper towels” made of cellulose, non-GMO unbleached cotton, and natural mineral salt are a great alternative. If you’re still looking for a sponge, but one that makes the grade, choose a 100% cellulose and dye/chemical-free variety, like those made from palm and walnut fibers. Then, compost them once they’ve reached their lifespan. (Plus, they look great in any kitchen, no obnoxious colors here!)

Help fight Coronavirus in the Bay Area by cleaning, and cleaning out! Then call West Coast Junk to haul it all away

How you can help reduce contagion of Coronavirus in the Bay Area

You can help “flatten the curve” and reduce contagion:

  • Stay home (and let us do the heavy lifting for you)
  • Reduce contact with organizations and large groups of people
  • Wash your hands, not touching your face or shaking hands with others
  • Clean things that come into your home
    • Use a produce-wash/pray, or make a salt-water or vinegar solution to clean fruits and veggies
    • Launder new clothes before adding to your closet or wearing
    • Remove and wash travel clothes, or doctor’s office/hospital clothes immediately upon returning home
    • Wash new toys when possible before giving to your children
  • Avoid visiting retirement communities, or visiting elderly or compromised individuals

Above all else, be kind to your neighbors! DO check in on friends and family (over the phone), don’t panic, and ask for help if you need it.  While this is something we may not have experienced before, we are all in this together! Let’s not let Coronavirus in the Bay Area get us down.


Let us help you “keep calm and clean on” by partnering with your garage, closet, or storage room cleanout, and haul away all the things you do!  We serve most areas of the San Francisco Bay Area, East Bay, and San Jose, and often have coupons or special offers running, so look around our website, and check us out on Yelp!  Getting a lot cleaned out? We’re currently running a special for 5% off of a full truck, 18 cubic yards or more with our coupon.  Smaller cleanout? Use our coupon for $15 off Junk Removal Service!

Give us a call at (510) 421-1730, or book online.  We’re fast with our responses and our work, because we value your time and your business.

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