Trash hauling and junk removal in Dublin, CA

Junk Removal Saves a Backyard in Dublin, California

Do you treat your backyard like a junkyard? You’re not alone. Many people with stuff to stow find a solution in the wide open space of their backyard. A storage shed here, a pile of broken old patio furniture there, and pretty soon your yard looks more like the local dump than a green space you enjoy.

Junk Removal in Dublin, CA: The Story of a Backyard

This is a story about a packrat. He lives in Dublin in a nice house with a well-maintained yard. One day he tosses the old kitchen table out into the yard thinking he’ll use it as a workspace for projects. The dining room chairs he’s replacing go with it. Eventually he sets up a portable storage shed to hold overflow belongings from the house. Then he sets the broken lawn mower and scrap material from his home renovation along the fence.

Trash Hauling to the Rescue

Months later it hits him: the backyard is a total mess. The dog has no space to run around and he never wants to look out the window at his yard let alone relax in it. Overwhelmed by the enormity of the task, this homeowner makes an on-the-spot decision to call junk haulers. The next morning the pros are there with their truck, ready to take action. The old furniture, the broken lawn mower, and every bit of trash disappears over a few hours. Just like that, the homeowner’s backyard is back to being useful and tidy.

Calling the Pros for Junk Removal

West Coast Junk owner Peter Nguyen sees this situation when his team performs backyard junk and green waste removal: “An elderly woman was living by herself and had gradually been piling junk in the backyard. Once it grew so high she couldn’t walk out to pull her garbage bin out to the curb, she contacted us for help.” This story and our tale about the Dublin homeowner are no exception. The West Coast Junk team of junk removal professionals rehabbed this client’s yard in a matter of hours. They can do the same for you so you can go back to using and enjoying your yard.

Trash hauling service and junk removal in Dublin, CA

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