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How to Eliminate Backyard Junk at Your Oakland Home

For months now you’ve been planning to clean up the backyard junk at your Oakland home. Something always seems to come up, like that flea market in Piedmont or rock concert at the Chase Center. But this weekend’s going to be different. You’ve cleared your social calendar and the weather forecast looks perfect. Plus, your best friend from Merriwood is getting married next month and the outdoor reception is “booked” at your house! Now that you’re finally ready to rid your home’s backyard of junk and clutter, here’s how to get started. 


What Kind of Backyard Junk is It?

When it comes to properly disposing of backyard junk in Oakland, you’ve got options. But it’s going to depend upon what type of junk it is. For example, if your junk is electronics, like that TV or stereo lurking behind your garage, those are considered “e-waste” and you can’t just toss them out with the regular trash.

Backyard Junk Oakland E-waste Disposal

Instead, you’ll need to find a local e-waste recycling center and then haul the electronics over there. And, that pile of pulled weeds from your garden used to be is considered “green waste”.

As a responsible homeowner, it’s “greener” for the planet to recycle that organic material back into your garden’s soil with a composter- instead of taking up precious space at the local landfill. 


Should I Donate My Backyard Trash? 

Another option you have is donating unwanted items so they can be recycled and reused. Examples of backyard waste that might be useful to someone else in Oakland include patio furniture, an old lawn mower or outside toys- like a Big Wheel or plastic sandbox. Make sure to give them a good cleaning first and always use a bleach product on the toys. 

A great charity locating resource in the San Francisco Bay Area is Their website will quickly pull up nearby charities that accept donations like clothing, furniture and toys. While sorting through your backyard trash, organize it into separate piles based on what type of item it is, like e-waste. How to haul it away promptly is a totally separate issue that you’ll need to figure out.     


Yard Clean Out Tips

Now that that’s out of the way, it’s time to start going around your backyard and purging unwanted items one by one. Here are some yard clean out tips:

Backyard Junk Oakland Buckets

Flowerpots & Plastic Trays
Will you honestly ever use those cracked flowerpots again? And, how many times have you tripped over those plastic trays from that garden shop across town? Toss your broken flowerpots in the trash can and find a plastic recycling bin for the trays.

You painted the trim on your home’s exterior years ago and the paint cans are still sitting under the deck. But you can’t just toss old paint in the garbage, or stains, primer or sealers. That’s not safe for the environment. Instead, find a nearby paint drop-off location through a source like out our previous post on hazardous waste disposal options in the Bay Area.)  

Piles of Wood
Your wood deck was remodeled right after you moved in, so why is that pile of leftover posts and rails still cluttering your yard? Put on some work gloves, load up that unsightly debris and haul it away to a nearby wood recycling center to help save trees.  

Hot Tub 
That bulky hot tub hasn’t been used for years, and who’s got time to clean it anyway? Try selling it on Craigslist or give it away. But don’t be surprised if nobody takes you up on your offer, because hot tubs are very hard to load up and transport. And, would you want a used backyard spa? Your best bet is to find a junk removal company in the Oakland area that can do a professional hot tub demolish and removal. 

Swing Set
Your eldest is away at college and your “baby” is in high school. Do you really need that space-eating swing set in the middle of the yard? Plus, it’s a real pain in the neck to mow around. See if you can donate it on your neighborhood’s Facebook page. If not, take it apart and then haul the debris away- or pay someone else to do it. 


Backyard Junk Oakland Hauling

Yard Clean Up & Junk Removal Experts in Oakland

Doing a yard clean out and junk removal in the Oakland area can be hard when you’re busy or too tired. When you need a hand, call the junk removal and decluttering experts at West Coast Junk in Dublin. At WCJ, our reliable junk clean up, junk removal and junk hauling services include household junk, construction debris, yard waste and e-waste for residential, commercial and business clients in Oakland and the surrounding geographic areas. 

We’re always happy to transport your unwanted items to a local recycling center or charity. So, if you’re ready to purge your rental property, home or business of junk or clutter, contact the junk pickup and removal experts at West Coast Junk today!

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