Choose a junk hauling company in Dublin, CA, and that can handle what you need! Find the right fit with West Coast Junk.

How to Choose a Junk Hauling Company

So you’ve decided that you want to get some junk removed from your home, apartment, or office, but now you don’t know how to go about doing it. The first option you probably considered was to do it yourself. This, of course, means hours of hard work on your days off – days that you should be able to relax. The next option is hiring a junk hauling company. Now, depending on where you live, you may have to choose between dozens of such junk hauling services. That’s right, something else to stress about!

Fear not, West Coast Junk is here to help you pick the option that’s right for you. Here’s a hint: if you’re in the Bay Area, the answer is probably us.

Is the Price Right?

Nobody really enjoys doing manual labor, and a junk hauling company will try to capitalize on that. They know very well that some people are willing to pay ridiculous fees to avoid lugging around heavy equipment, and they will try to nickel-and-dime you.

Look around at a few different companies to find one that fits your price range. Some companies charge by the hour and others may charge by the day. If you need one particularly cumbersome item picked up, like a fridge or an old couch, there may also be specific rates for that job.

In other words, don’t settle on the first junk hauling company you find. A little bit of research could go a long way towards saving you money.

Location, Location, Location

Obviously, you’re going to need a junk hauling company that serves your area. It’s crucial, however, to find a team that is actually close to you. Just like with every other service you hire, there are going to be hiccups and logistical issues like traffic.

Working with a team that is located near you will help to ensure that they get there on time and that the job gets completed quickly. Depending on what is getting hauled away and how many trucks the company has, it may take multiple trips, so even more time.

This guideline comes with a caveat. If you find a company that is a little further away but has very good reviews, don’t be afraid to work with them. Many companies, us included, work tirelessly to get to every client on time no matter how far they are. If we agree to help you, we’ll be there.

Choose a junk hauling company in Dublin, CA, and that can handle what you need! Find the right fit with West Coast Junk.

What You Need in a Junk Hauling Company vs. What They Can Do

Not every junk hauling company can do everything that you need. We, for example, can service not only homes and apartments but also businesses, estates, storage units, barns, and more. When speaking to a representative from the company, be as clear as you can about what it is that you need removed so they can tell you whether or not it will be possible.

If you’re environmentally-conscious, try to find a company that feels the same way. West Coast Junk takes care to dispose of all of your items properly. Items that can be recycled get recycled and items that can be reused will be given to charities and organizations that will get them to people in need.

There are, of course, certain items that most hauling services won’t be able to take. Chemicals, paints, loose dirt, firearms… We have to draw the line somewhere, and most other companies agree. Again, this should be clarified before you hire a service so that there are no surprises.

Look for the Five Stars!

With 98 five-star reviews on Yelp, West Coast Junk, based in Dublin, CA, but servicing the majority of the San Jose metro and San Francisco Bay Areas is the right choice!

There are countless rating sites out there. It’s easier than ever to learn about a company’s previous experiences and their services. However, some reviews can be a little misleading. When going through them, try to keep a critical eye as to what the reviewer liked/disliked about the service. Sometimes people make a mistake and then try to blame it on the company!

Here at West Coast Junk, we don’t need to worry about that. Our customers love our service, which is why we have five stars on Yelp. In summary: find a junk hauling service you can afford that’s close to you, can actually handle your items, and has good reviews. If you’re near Dublin, CA, look no further – we’ve got you covered! Visit our booking page, or call or text us directly at (510) 421-1730.


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