Home Improvement Tips for the Summer

Summer is just around the corner! Get your home ready for the new season with these tips!

Power Wash Your Home

Give your siding a nice, clean bath with a quick power wash! As best as you can, try to avoid angling the spray upward, as this can direct water toward the spaces between the siding. If your home is pretty big or extremely grimy, your best bet may be to call a professional. With the pros, they have much more powerful equipment and can usually get more workers out there who can knock out the job in less time. You may have to break out your wallet, but you won’t have to break a sweat!


Cost to Pressure Wash a House, Driveway, and More

Plant A Garden

I don’t know if you have noticed, but gardens are a growing trend. Literally! Because of gardens, people are interested in eating healthier, saving money and knowing exactly what’s in their food. A home garden can be a beautiful feature that adds to your home’s value down the road when you think about selling!

If you like the idea of cooking with fresh ingredients you grow right in your own backyard, it’s worth making an effort to plan your garden as an attractive, eye-catching space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Raised bed organic vegetable garden | Please credit to: Loca… | Flickr

Replace Gutters

If your home’s gutters are sagging or starting to leak, it may be time to replace them. If your gutter system is old, repairing it might be your best bet down the road when it comes to expenses. This is also a great time to turn those old gutter into brand new, modern styled ones! A new gutter system can dramatically amp up a home’s curb appeal at a very affordable price!


Gutter Replacement for Your Home


Build A Shed

If you have an overflowing garage filled with tools, kids toys, and space taken by things you don’t need, it may be time to build a shed. Summer is an excellent time to add a little extra space to your place. Especially so you can park your car inside the garage with all that empty space!

Some homeowners even convert existing storage sheds and outbuildings to home offices and guesthouses. If you’re well-acquainted with a hammer, you can find plenty of free storage shed building plans online and even DIY kits online. If DIY is not your thing, home improvement stores sell a large variety of sheds in all shapes and sizes!

Quaker | Vinyl Sheds | Backyard Shed | Virginia | Alan's Fac… | Flickr


When doing any type of home improvements this summer, you are going to accumulate LOTS and LOTS of trash along the way. Give West Coast Junk Removal a call to come clean it up! 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