Garage full of hoarded junk need to be hauled away

Hoarders in the House? Professional Junk Hauling to the Rescue!

Do you have someone that you know who is a hoarder? Perhaps you are living with someone who keeps collecting things and filling one room and then another room with items that begin taking over the entire living quarters? You need our hoarder junk removal service.

You know there is usable space that everyone can enjoy but it is filled with junk and trash. If any of this sounds familiar to you, please know that you are not alone! At West Coast Junk we receive lots of calls for hoarder junk removal. We help clearing it out, hauling it away and leaving you with space again.

We act with discretion and sensitivity and we also work hard to get the job done quickly.

“Too much stuff!” West Coast Junk Hauls it Away

We recently received a review on Yelp from a client that spoke directly to the issue of hoarder junk removal in her home.

Here’s what Cecilia from Oakland, CA had to say about her experience:

“Thank you David & Peter!! I cannot thank you guys enough for allowing me to “take back my space!

It’s quite embarrassing to admit, but I have a family of hoarders!! I decided to clear out the junk and was stressing out about how much stuff there was and how I was going to dispose of it! Literally, I piled junk in my entire garage for them to help me discard!

Checked on Yelp and saw the amazing reviews and had to call. They were busy, but managed to squeeze me in next day! They came earlier than our agreed upon time and were so professional and efficient the entire time. They gave me a quote and it was beyond reasonable for the space I got in exchange! They definitely know what they’re doing!

I kid you not, an entire garage of junk and some scattered boxes and bulky items around the house gone in less than an hour! Ahhhhmazing!!”

It sure is nice to hear such great reviews but we know that hoarding can be a big problem. When we work with a customer we identify what their needs are before arriving so that we have all the tools necessary to clean out. We also have industrial size trucks to clean out the biggest jobs.

West Coast Junk's truck for hoarder junk removal

Professional Junk Haulers for a Serious Issue

West Coast Junk specializes in trash hauling and junk removal. We understand that hoarding can be a serious issue for individuals and their families. We have worked with many clients who need professional junk hauling to help with their hoarding situation. There are many resources out there if you need to speak with someone beyond the services we provide.

Hoarding Resources

Nationwide Directory
International OCD Foundation


Team of professional haulers from West Coast Junk handle a hoarder junk removal job in Oakland, CA

All smiles when the junk is cleared. Photo from Yelp by Cecilia N.

It’s our pleasure to work with you and help you find the cleared, clean space you deserve.

Where can YOU find West Coast Junk?

West Coast Junk’s general service area includes the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley. See a full list of cities in our service area.

Do you have a hoarder in the house? Need help for junk removal?
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