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Hire A Local Junk Hauler, What’s Next?

What do we do after you hire a local junk hauler like us? Well, first, we jump around and high-five each other, because we love our work (obviously). Then, we put on the game faces, which look like this:

This is a friendly game.

San Francisco Bay Area trash local junk hauler service offered by West Coast Junk

We’re your LOCAL junk hauler!

It’s exciting to us that you’ve chosen a local junk hauler with less name recognition than some of the large franchises or nationwide shops. We respect that. We’re a local junk hauler team that covers the Bay Area, including San Jose and the Silicon Valley, so we don’t stray too far from clients. This enables us to take some same-day appointments if there’s a gap in our schedule.  Before you chose us, you called up (510) 421-1730 or filled out a form online for a quote. We may even have come out to your home, business, or construction site to give you a free, no obligation estimate. After you crunched the numbers, you decided to hire us. We appreciate that. Now, let’s get to work!


Courtesy Reminder Calls – we care about your time

Before your appointment, we’ll contact you to remind you that we’re coming out (we know you’re busy). We will also call 20 minutes before we arrive. Hey, sometimes we have a chance to arrive early, too, and might call to see if an earlier arrival will work for you.

If you can’t be home on the Big Day, no worries. As long as we can access the area you need cleared, we’re happy to remove your items while you’re off running errands, or working, or sneaking off to the movie theater in the middle of the day. Clients who will not be on-site during junk removal can pay by credit card over the phone or through the website.

All Right, Let’s Clear Some Space!

Twenty minutes after our “heads-up” call, you’ll see an impressive truck containing two friendly, courteous employees of West Coast Junk pull up. The company truck holds up to 18 cubic yards of junk, the equivalent of about 18 -19 standard-sized washing machines.

Although phone and web quotes are somewhat accurate, figuring the full cost of the removal service must happen once we have seen the job.  This can be done separately, or it will be the first thing we do when we arrive. Either way, the estimate is free and carries no obligation.

Armed with the information you provided previously, we will have a good idea of the nature of the work you need done (cause we’re your local experts!). We’ll bring the right gear for the job so we can work quickly.


Expect us to haul away efficiently

First, we will put on some floor protectors (they’re booties) over our shoes, and get to work!  The other protective gear that we wear keeps us safe from injury while also helping us move more efficiently, lowering the likelihood of damage to your home or commercial site.

Our assets and yours are protected by insurance as well:  West Coast Junk and its work are insured and licensed, meaning that if anything does happen to go wrong, you are protected from losses. Once we get going, we move quickly! We have been working together as a local junk hauler for years and all know our jobs.

Working with focused energy, we load dollies, fill trash bags and containers, do light demo – all stuff we have talked over with you and included in our estimate.

Our clients are private residents, construction site managers, and business owners. Former jobs have run the gambit from hoarding situations to normal, cluttered garages, yard waste, rental clean-outs, and office moves. Whatever furniture you’ve got, or gigantic rear projection TV sets that you can’t even give away, old monitors, yard waste, demolition debris, knick-knacks and tchotchkes – will be out of there, no problem!

Local Junk Hauler at work! San Francisco Bay Area, East Bay, San Jose, CA - we've got you covered.


If you start hauling up old paint from the basement, however, we can’t help. That counts as hazardous waste, which we are not licensed to haul. If you need to get rid of that or other hazardous household items, check out our guide to hazardous waste disposal.


Finishing Touches

Once we’ve packed up the truck, it’s time to tidy up the space we were working in. We consider it part of the job – the last bit of junk to sweep up!

We accept payment in cash, by credit card, and by company check (no personal checks, sorry).


After the Local Junk Hauler Truck Leaves

While you bask in all of that freshly-cleared space, we drive to donation, recycling, and disposal centers in the area.  We take as much as possible to donation centers such as the Salvation Army, Non-profit thrifts, and Re-Store. If you’ve got items that make a good donation, we’ll carefully transport it to a place where it will find a new life in someone else’s home. We recycle what we can’t donate. This keeps a lot of trash out of landfills. Most of the stuff we remove – about 70% – gets donated or recycled.

Roger Craig, formerly of the San Francisco 49ers, hired West Coast Junk

As a small business, we rely on referrals and a good reputation, so to us, you mean everything. There are no small customers or unimportant jobs. Every single customer interaction matters to us, and our customer feedback reflects that. If you look at local junk hauler reviews, you’ll see that we’re not all talk!

And that’s what it’s like to hire West Coast Junk!

We’re local to the San Francisco Bay area (headquartered in Dublin, CA), and locally-owned. 

Need service right away? Call or text (510) 421-1730 and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

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