Junk removal San Jose service carries away your clutter

Getting Rid of Your Post-KonMari Junk Pile

When you’re decluttering, how do you know what to keep? According to housecleaning and organizing guru Marie Kondo, you should only keep those things that “spark joy.” This sounds lovely, but what you may not be thinking about when you begin tackling Kondo’s KonMari method is all those things that do not spark joy. Most KonMari devotees typically end up with a mountain of the joyless stuff with hardly a clue how they should get rid of it.

Once you’ve put in all the time and attention it takes to complete the KonMari method in your home, you have a few options for ditching everything you don’t want to keep.

Option 1: Throw It All Away

The KonMari method tends to strip so much excess from a person’s belongings it can make the average house look like the scene from a hoarding show. There isn’t a particularly slow way to KonMari your things, either– once you start sorting and discarding by category, you are more or less forced to keep going until that category is completely purged of unwanted items.

This results in large batches of junk created all at once, leaving you with a trash removal problem. The fastest way to resolve the situation is to rent a dumpster and throw it all away. This requires little thought since it all ends up in one spot. There are no trips to make to the thrift store and no piles of papers to set out with the recycling.

Pros: Fast, no time to change your mind about what you’re getting rid of
Cons: A huge waste when recyclable materials and reusable items end up in a landfill

Option 2: Unload It All Yourself

Let’s say you live in San Jose, CA. When it comes to junk removal San Jose can be a difficult place to unload your mountain of stuff. The dump, as in most cities, is out in the sticks, so let’s hope you don’t have to make multiple trips. And the recycling center is on the other side of town. If you want to rely on the city for trash hauling San Jose will send their collectors, but what they take is limited and when they can pick it up is unpredictable. This is probably why there are a lot of San Jose junk removal and hauling companies that charge to do all this running around for you.

Pros: Stuff ends up in the best place, recyclables are recycled, reusable items are donated
Cons: Lots of trips to different places, waste of gas on multiple trips, very time consuming

Option 3: Hire a San Jose Junk Removal and Hauling Crew

A professional waste hauling service can provide you with some of the convenience of option 1 with the good intentions of option 2. The trash removal service can load up all your items onto their truck (even better than you throwing it all in a dumpster) and then drop off your stuff at the places it should go. The only problem is finding a garbage removal company that will take the time to donate and recycle items as you see fit.

Pros: Fast, no trips to thrift store or recycling center
Cons: Trash hauling company may not donate or recycle as much as you would

If you haven’t started to KonMari your belongings, do yourself a favor by figuring out now what you will do with the eventual pile of stuff. If you do decide to hire professional junk haulers, ask about their donation and recycling policies to be sure most of your unwanted stuff is unloaded responsibly.

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