San Jose junk removal service and trash hauling

Get Rid of Anything With the People Who Haul Everything

You’ve just finished a big spring cleaning, or maybe you purged stuff from your house in order to make an upcoming move easier. Whatever the circumstances, you are staring at an enormous pile of junk in your basement, on your front porch, or out by the curb. A San Jose junk removal service is needed because the city won’t take away the appliances and broken furniture that you are ready to get rid of. Face it: You’re not exactly thrilled about having to make fifteen trips to Goodwill to donate the old but still usable clothes and housewares.

This is the moment to seriously consider hiring a professional junk hauling service.

Let’s say you live in the San Jose area and have an assortment of junk to get rid of. Rather than driving all around town to reach a recycling center, hauling anything to the landfill way outside the city, or waiting weeks for a scheduled pick-up date with the sanitation department, call a reputable hauling service in San Jose to do the job for you. That way, the San Jose junk removal and hauling company can take away nearly anything you have to get rid of and ensure it reaches the right destination.

Whether you end up hiring professionals for junk removal in San Jose or elsewhere in the greater Bay Area, here are some of the items a good hauling service will be able to remove and dispose of, recycle, or donate for you:


If you considered doing your own trash removal, the one thing that likely tripped you up was the appliances. Most of us do not have vehicles that can transport a washer, dryer, or dishwasher out to the dump. Hiring professionals allows you to leave the heavy lifting and transportation of appliance removal to them.


Tables, chairs, couches, beds, desks, bookshelves, and office furniture can all be hauled out. In many cases, the furniture is still in good enough condition to donate. Your removal company should know which items to donate where (West Coast Junk, for instance, donates up to 70% of your items to Goodwill and the Salvation Army).


Just like furniture, you can leave your clothing donations for the removal team to take away and drop off at the thrift store for you.


Some of what you need to get rid of is just pure junk. The trash removal company can take away your busted filing cabinet, dilapidated furniture, worn out mattress, and piles of cardboard. Even if your home is fit for an episode of a hoarding show, a good trash removal company can take away the majority of your junk.


Since they can’t be simply tossed out with the trash, old computers, monitors, and printers tend to pile up in most people’s homes. Let the waste removal team take care of these items by bringing them to an electronics recycling site.

Yard Waste

Sticks and branches, old firewood, bags of leaves, and the contents of that old greenhouse can all be hauled away (no piles of dirt or sand though).

Construction Debris

Most everything from that last home improvement project– drywall, scrap metal, tile, the toilet and the sink– can be hauled away.

Hiring a professional San Jose junk removal service to do the last part of a big clean-up allows you to get rid of the junk pile quickly and easily. It is also the best option if you are looking to dispose of a variety of materials. Rather than making multiple trips to Goodwill on Blossom Hill Road or to the one on Alum Rock Avenue, going to the recycling center on Lincoln Avenue, or even out to the Guadalupe Landfill , you can spend your post-cleanup time admiring your newly cleared out space.

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