Flood damage cleanup and hauling service Dublin, CA

Flood Damage Cleanup and Hauling Services

Flood damage can be devastating and a difficult situation to deal with on your own. Addressing flood damage cleanup and hauling requires specialized skills, experience and tools. Plus, you can’t always depend on your insurance company to get things taken care of for you. Many insurance policies stipulate that when water damage occurs – from floods or otherwise – the policyholder is responsible for preventing additional damage.

It’s always a smart idea to document everything in writing and with pictures.

If you need flood damage cleanup and hauling in your San Francisco Bay Area home, office, or rental property, taking immediate action will get you the best cleanup results and go a long way towards preventing further damage.

The West Coast Junk team is equipped to handle all kinds of flood damage cleanup. Our area and resources get the job done quickly, done right, and at a low price. We work with you to get things back to normal as soon as possible.

Six Tips for Preventing Damage in Future Floods:

  1. Elevate the building – provides the best on-site protection
  2. Stop floodwater in the yard with levees or floodwalls – prevents pressure and debris impacts on your walls
  3. Stop floodwater at the wall by sealing the building (this technique is more appropriate for non-residential buildings.
  4. Stop sewer backup – you’ll need to do this if you use barriers, dry floodproofing or wet floodproofing
  5. Raise appliances and utilities – a wet floodproofing technique.
  6. Use finishing materials that water won’t hurt – a wet floodproofing technique

source: LSU Ag Center

Flood Damage Cleanup and Hauling

Water damage can ruin furniture, appliances, electronics, and it can do serious damage to your home or office building’s systems; electrical wiring, vents and ducts. Flood damage can destroy different types of flooring, such as carpet, hardwood or laminate and even tile.

When you need flood damage cleanup and hauling or water damage cleanup for your home or business, give our dedicated team a call. You will experience professional, thorough service that will get you on the way back to normal.

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