Full service junk removal FAQs

What services do you offer?

We offer full service junk removal. We take just about everything except hazardous waste and materials.

What are consider hazardous?

Paint, florescent bulbs, oil, most household cleaning products, gasoline, oil filters, paint thinners, pool chemicals, propane gas, and spray cans. These are just some of the examples. If you are unsure please email or call us.

Why don’t you take hazardous material?

We are not licensed to transport hazardous waste/material. However residential community can bring hazardous materials to you local transfer station and most will take if for free or will charge a small fee.

Where does all my junk go?

Good question. We donate and recycle up to 70% of everything we take. Everything usable is donated to Goodwill, Salvation Army, or Savers. plastic, papers, electronic, and appliance are recycled to our local recycle center.  We try to limit the amount of debris that go to the landfill.

Are you licensed or insured?

Yes. We are fully licensed and insured. No Mickey Mouse business here.

What areas do you guys service?

We serviced the entire Bay Area. If you are unsure just email or give us a call.

What are your hours?

We are open Monday-Saturday 8am-5pm. Closed Sunday.

Do you offer after hours?

Yes. As long as you call and book in advance (usually 24hr notice) We can accommodate you.

How big is your truck?

We have an 18 cubic yard truck. If you are not familiar with cubic yards, just imagine 18-19 standard washing machine in one truck.

How do you guys charge?

We charge by volume. We measure everything into cubic yards and charge you by the amount of stuff that goes into our truck. However additional labor and bedload items may alter the price.

Do I need to be home to get my junk removed?

No.  If the junk is accessible we can get the job done and you can pay over the phone via credit card.

Do you offer dumpster rentals?

We work closely with many dumpster companies and we can get very good deals. Please call for more details.

What payments do you take?

We accept cash, credit cards, and company checks only.

Do you guys remove dirt?

We currently do not provide dirt or sand removal service.

When is a good time for me to book an appointment?

When you are ready to get your stuff hauled. Usually 2 day noticed is ideal. 1 day service can be scheduled depending on how busy we are, and same day service just varies on how booked we are. The sooner you book the better the chance you will have that date.

How come you charge for junk removal?

Being a business, we have to charge for the service which includes labor, loading, transport, and dump fees. If you were going to clear out  junk yourself, you would still have to pay for the gas to transport and dumping fees at the landfill.