San Jose hauling service demolition and clean up of residential shed

DIY Shed Demolition

Shed removal is light demo work. “Light demo” might sound easy, and shed removal seems straightforward enough. Here are the basic steps for removing a shed from your yard:

  • Haul out the old furniture, trash, etc.
  • Detach the doors and windows, including door hinges
  • Remove the roof using a pry bar for wood and screwdriver for metal/vinyl shed
  • Take down each wall using same method as roof removal
  • Bring up the flooring; this may require a circular saw, sledge hammer, or jackhammer
  • Discard debris and scour the area for loose nails, screws, and pieces of glass

Light demo work, it turns out, isn’t easy at all. Shed removal takes a lot of time, effort, and tools. Before you despair and think you’ll have to look at that old shed in your yard forever, consider the benefits of hiring professionals for a shed removal job.

Shed and Junk Removal in San Jose: A Last Minute Rush Job

West Coast Junk owner Peter Nguyen describes the shed removal process for a last-minute, rush job client:

“Our customer was doing backyard cleanup getting ready for his son’s birthday party the coming weekend. He wanted to rent a jumper and set up a DJ booth with music and needed the space. The only thing left after his cleanup: two sheds that were in the way. He wasn’t able to do the demo himself. He contacted us, and four hours later he had his space back.”

In just four hours West Coast Junk completed all the above shed removal steps and left this client’s space looking new.

Your Own Trash Hauling Service in San Jose

The above client didn’t have to worry about any of the trash hauling, either: the crew hauled away all materials and disposed them properly. Then his yard was party ready, free of all traces of the sheds and their demo.

The DIY method would have left him with a pile of junk to deal with. San Jose has a great construction debris removal program, but like any city trash removal system it has a lot of requirements. With West Coast Junk you hire a demo team and trash hauling service all in one so you don’t waste a minute of your time with demolition or debris removal.

Junk removal service in San Jose, California does shed demolition and clean up

San Jose, Ca hauling service and junk removal

Junk removal and hauling for demolition of shed in San Jose, California

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