We recently helped a San Jose resident clear out some long overdue clutter. Let us help you de-clutter San Jose!

De-clutter San Jose in 2020

Welcome to the new year, the new decade the new 2020! We recently helped a San Jose resident clear out some long overdue clutter. You can see the photos below of what junk we cleaned out, decluttered, and hauled away.  (That sounds like a cheer, right? “Hauled away in San Jose, hey!” Can you hear the claps?!) The new year is always a great time to reevaluate everything in our lives.  We make all kinds of resolutions, about how we want to live in the new year, what we want to do with our time, our money, our purpose, etc.  Why not give your space a fresh start with a declutter, a 2020 refresh, and a resolution to a year of less clutter! Let’s de-clutter San Jose.

First Things First: De-clutter your space

Whether you’re committing to a de-clutter San Jose lifestyle or not, a de-cluttering of your space, home, life etc, might be the most worthwhile thing to start your new year off right.  Here’s a photo of our recent time helping San Jose resident de-clutter their space.  Check out how much breathing room they added by how much clutter they had us haul away!

We recently helped a San Jose resident clear out some long overdue clutter. Let us help you de-clutter San Jose!

We’ve talked about de-cluttering before, and how it’s good for both your mental and physical health (open space and empty surfaces help your eyes and brain to rest, less items make cleaning easier and hold less dust!), so what are you waiting for? Once you have a cleaner, de-cluttered space, it’s easier to keep it that way, maybe with the tips above!  We are great at hauling your junk off, leaving you the freedom to start your new year in a peaceful space, and tackle your new year’s resolutions with gusto!

We recently helped a San Jose resident clear out some long overdue clutter. Let us help you de-clutter San Jose!

Start with small steps when you de-clutter San Jose

When de-cluttering your home, it’s great to start with small steps.  Making everyday changes that continue and become habits will help you keep it up long-term.  Small steps can include buying less, keeping organized so you know what you have, and de-cluttering so you can see the things you want to.  Keep a running shopping list! When you’re at the store, you know what you need and don’t accidentally buy things you already have because you didn’t know if you were out or not. A magnetized notepad on the fridge is an old-school method that’s tried and true.

If you’re more technically savvy, there are some great apps for lists, and then they’re always with you on your phone.  Wunderlist is helpful because multiple users can see and check off from the same list – which means if your partner is already out, they can have the list too, and not have to ask for it!


Tips for Living with Less

Limit online shopping impulse buys (and the packing clutter that comes with it) by putting items in your cart or shopping bag, then letting them sit there overnight, or “saving them for later.”  If you still feel you want or need them the next day, you can purchase then, or maybe by that time, you’ve realized another item you were out of, and can combine shipping to limit trips/packaging!

More likely, you realize you didn’t need that thing to begin with, and it was just an impulse buy.  Studies have shown that the act of shopping, or adding items to your cart releases a dopamine hit, giving you an emotional rise. Purchasing and the item itself isn’t as important. This is said to be true of simply adding to cart, so the ACT of shopping can give you the same amount of actually purchasing, no purchase necessary! To read more about living with less, try reading Cait Flanders’ book, The Year of Less.  Then, check out her website for more practical tips!


We know how difficult it can be to de-clutter San Jose

In the wise words of our founder Peter, “It can be overwhelming, tossing away items that hold cherished memories. It takes courage to say I’m ready to toss this out.” We know how difficult cleaning out the clutter can be, and we’re here to help you make it work.


If you’re ready to de-clutter San Jose in 2020, give us a call at (510) 421-1730, or book online.  We’re fast with our responses and our work, because we value your time and your business.

We’d love to help you reach your clutter-free goals, and aren’t limited to San Jose, CA.  We serve most areas of the San Francisco Bay Area, East Bay, and San Jose. We often have coupons or special offers running, so look around our website, and check us out on Yelp!

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