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Wood Construction Removal

With wood construction removal, be residential or commercial, contractors often tackle projects that are such large scale that they end up over shooting their expected finish date. With the job nearly finished, contractors are left asking themselves how to remove and dispose of the reaming wood debris in a quick and timely manner.

There are two methods that have been proven to be useful for wood, concrete, and general trash removal which are:

  1. Bin rental drop-offs
  2. Hire a junk removal and hauling company

Bin drop-offs are excellent for large projects when time isn’t an issue. Let’s say you have a demo job in the Alum Rock area of San Jose and you are ready to load your construction debris and have it hauled away. You can call and have a bin dropped off and slowly fill it up with wood or any other debris. Bins vary in prices depending on size and content being put into them. Best way to decide if a bin is right for you is call your local bin rental company and ask what different plans they offer and how it works. Some bin companies wont allow hazardous materials, and even have separate bins for concrete and wood debris.

Cons: You would have to do all the labor and load up the wood or other construction debris yourself, and you might have people throw trash into your bin if left over night.

If time is an issue and you need your construction debris removed either wood, concrete, or general trash. Hiring a junk removal and hauling company is your best bet. This method has been proven to be much faster and save you time when time is of the essence. Junk companies usually will have dump trucks that are equivalent to most bin drop-offs and the pricing are not that much different. Although you would have to call and check with your local junk hauling company as each company price varies.

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18 Cubic Yard Dump Truck

Pros: of hiring a junk removal and hauling company is that they provide a dump truck which is usually the same size as a bin rental, but its on wheels and typically comes with 2 or more employees to load the construction debris for you.

Cons: It may cost just a bit more. Remember you are paying for the convenience of extra hands and quick results.




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