Hauling and junk removal in San Jose, California helps charitable organizations

Be Charitable – Hire Pro Junk Haulers

When you think of San Jose trash hauling, you may picture people who come to your house with a big truck, toss everything in the back, and drive it all away to the dump. What you may not realize is a waste removal company may be the most conscientious way to wrap up a big house cleaning project.

Trash removal does not mean everything they take away ends up at the local landfill. A junk hauling company who cares about reducing waste will work hard to donate most of what they pickup. Peter Nyugen and David Luu of West Coast Junk say, “We donate a lot. Probably 70% of items we get are either donated or recycled. We try to give back as much as possible.”

This is great news if you are looking to unload a house full of stuff that is still usable.

Common Problems with Donating Items

If you have a couple trash bags filled with clothing, donating to a thrift store or charity is easy. If you have a whole attic, basement, or house full of things to donate it can become a logistical nightmare.

Dropping Items Off Yourself

This is a time consuming option, and that is if you can even fit larger items like furniture into your vehicle. If you do drop off clothing and housewares yourself, you may encounter a long wait time while your bags are received by a store clerk.

Scheduling a Pickup

Many charities will come right to your door to pick up items for donation, however you’ll need to schedule a time first. Often there are only certain days or times a charitable location will come to get your things, and usually the pickup date is scheduled for several weeks out. Many charities and thrift stores have a limited list of items they will take. So while this option saves you trips to the donation center, it isn’t necessarily the most convenient.

Not Knowing What Goes Where

Not every thrift store takes every item, and different operations have varying rules about the condition of things like furniture. West Coast Junk’s Nyugen and Luu note, “Goodwill doesn’t accept furniture or if they do it would have to be 9 out of 10 condition. Salvation Army actually takes a lot of furniture, and if it’s in fixable condition they will fix it.” If you go this route, be prepared to do your homework to figure out which items go where.

Pro Removal and Hauling Service Makes Donating Easy

We can look at San Jose trash hauling and junk removal companies as an example. Not only are there a number of options for trash hauling and recycling, San Jose also has dozens of second hand stores. How do you know which thrift store to bring your things to? Not all stores take all kinds of furniture; some are more particular than others about the condition of items. So you decide to let a hauling company take care of the donation process for you. Which hauling service in San Jose do you call? One that knows how to donate the maximum amount of your things by bringing all your clothes, furniture, and household items to the right place.

You can avoid the hassle of donation while making sure your old stuff finds a new life by hiring a San Jose trash hauling service like West Coast Junk, who can do the donating for you.

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