Pallet hauling service for San Francisco Bay Area

Oversized pallet hauling in Benicia: 6 Truck loads!

Sometimes you can’t do it by yourself and it’s time to call in the professionals. Recently, West Coast Junk responded to a repeat customer located in Benicia. A metal machining company who needed a large volume of pallet hauling done for them. Since we’ve worked with this client before, we came prepared. What many people don’t […]

Junk removal company helps take action during National Asset Management Awareness Month

National Asset Management Awareness Month

Have you ever thought about your business’ space as an asset?  How about that storage room filled with file cabinets, outdated copy machines, computers, electronics and cartons of paper that hasn’t seen daylight in years? Would it be of value to your business to have available space?  Utilizing a junk removal company to haul junk […]

E-waste removal job for high-tech company in Palo Alto, California

Commercial E-waste Pickup for Your Next Move

Moving your business can be exciting, it can be rewarding and it can also be overwhelming.  Recently, a commercial customer from Palo Alto gave us a call because they needed a large volume of electronics disposed of before they relocated their business. They knew they couldn’t throw their electronics away with the rest of the […]

Flood damage cleanup and hauling service Dublin, CA

Flood Damage Cleanup and Hauling Services

Flood damage can be devastating and a difficult situation to deal with on your own. Addressing flood damage cleanup and hauling requires specialized skills, experience and tools. Plus, you can’t always depend on your insurance company to get things taken care of for you. Many insurance policies stipulate that when water damage occurs – from […]

Recycle junk in Oakland, Dublin and San Jose, California - hauling service

Recycle Junk: Good for the Planet – Good for you!

Yes, we recycle junk! At West Coast Junk we specialize in junk removal and trash hauling and taking away all sorts of stuff. We work in residential, commercial and construction pickup for Dublin, Oakland, San Jose and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Lots of folks know that this is what we do but some […]

San Jose hauling service demolition and clean up of residential shed

DIY Shed Demolition

Shed removal is light demo work. “Light demo” might sound easy, and shed removal seems straightforward enough. Here are the basic steps for removing a shed from your yard: Haul out the old furniture, trash, etc. Detach the doors and windows, including door hinges Remove the roof using a pry bar for wood and screwdriver […]

Trash hauling and junk removal in Dublin, CA

Junk Removal Saves a Backyard in Dublin, California

Do you treat your backyard like a junkyard? You’re not alone. Many people with stuff to stow find a solution in the wide open space of their backyard. A storage shed here, a pile of broken old patio furniture there, and pretty soon your yard looks more like the local dump than a green space […]

San Jose junk removal service and trash hauling

Get Rid of Anything With the People Who Haul Everything

You’ve just finished a big spring cleaning, or maybe you purged stuff from your house in order to make an upcoming move easier. Whatever the circumstances, you are staring at an enormous pile of junk in your basement, on your front porch, or out by the curb. A San Jose junk removal service is needed […]

Hauling and junk removal in San Jose, California helps charitable organizations

Be Charitable – Hire Pro Junk Haulers

When you think of San Jose trash hauling, you may picture people who come to your house with a big truck, toss everything in the back, and drive it all away to the dump. What you may not realize is a waste removal company may be the most conscientious way to wrap up a big house cleaning […]