E-waste disposal East Bay recycling can

How Can I Lawfully manage E-Waste Disposal in the East Bay Area?

Most San Francisco Bay area residents want to create a “greener” planet for future generations. But if you’re a homeowner in Oakland with a garage full of old TVs, or a business owner in Dublin with outdated computers and printers, how do you responsibly dispose of your electronic junk? According to California environmental protection laws, […]

Playroom clean out before the holidays in San Francisco, CA

3 Spaces to Clean Out Before the Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching and it’s house guest season! Whether you’re entertaining for an evening, a weekend, or the whole season, a cleaned out space is essential for maintaining a guest-ready and guest-welcome home. To help you get started on making room for your guests, we’ve put together 3 spaces to clean out before […]

Do you suffer from hoarding disorder in the San Francisco Bay Area

Hoarding disorder, is it you, or is it just clutter?

One minute, you’re shaking your head at the ridiculous emotional displays of a hoarder on TV, and the next, a wave of cold recognition washes over you.  Could you be a hoarder some day?  Are you already? A few years ago, hoarding was getting a ton of attention. Hoarding Disorder became a separate, diagnosable condition […]

How do I dispose of my old TV? West Coast Junk Removal Pleasanton can help!

Where Can I Dispose of My Old TV?

Gone are the days of massive, clunky television sets that required a small army to move. This makes TV removal a much easier process, but there’s still an important question that you’ve probably wondered: “Where can I dispose of my old TV?” The simple answer is that your TV really shouldn’t be disposed, but actually […]

Dispose of Old Electronics San Jose, CA

The Easiest Way to Dispose of Old Electronics

Getting a new TV or appliance is exciting. However, that excitement can be dulled by the annoyance of figuring out how to dispose of old electronics, and the resulting dust that they gather from sitting in the corner of your apartment or home for months. There are certain laws and guidelines regarding the disposal of […]

Recycled household appliances from Hayward, CA and the San Francisco Bay Area

Appliance Disposal the Correct Way

New, exciting appliance technologies seem to be popping up every year, enticing you consumers to upgrade. When it comes time to pull the trigger on a new washing machine or refridgerator, don’t spoil the excitement by hurting yourself trying to move the old model on your own. West Coast Junk offers affordable and easy appliance […]

Cleaning Tips and DIY Cleaner Recipes

5 Household Cleaning Tips + DIY Cleaner Recipes

Spring cleaning get ahold of you?  Now that you’ve cleaned out all your junk, and with summer practically here, vacations, visitors, and house projects might be on the horizon! We’ve rounded up our best cleaning tips, hacks, and advice to help you keep it simple and get the job done, so you can spend your […]

Plastic bottles and household hazardous waste - what to do with it all?

Hazardous Waste Disposal Guide for the Bay Area and San Jose

Household Hazardous Waste:  What do with the stuff we can’t take for you? While the list of what we do take from you is very long, there are some things that we just can’t haul away for you.  Hazardous materials like paint, acetone, cleaning products and gasoline, batteries and light bulbs need special attention and […]

Landlord Tenant Junk Removal San Jose, CA

Landlord Tenant Cleanup: Junk Hauling San Jose, CA

When your landlord gives one week notification to clean things up call a professional junk hauler. A few weeks ago we received a call at West Coast Junk from a tenant who had been notified that they had one week to clean up their backyard and patio from debris and clutter. The tenant was in […]