Cleanout your closets and play room and let your donate pile help Bay Area families

5 Charities to Give Your Donate Pile To This Year

If you’re like us, then you’re doing an end of the year, pre-holiday cleanout. Maybe you’ve read the articles floating around about great ways to keep your toy clutter down and your kids giving spirit up by cleaning out the playroom or toy box. We’re over here trying to keep our small home manageable by […]

Tenant Clean-out Rental Junk Removal SF

Tenant Clean-Out, Part 2

In part one of our tenant clean-out post, we looked at the steps landlords must take in relatively simple instances of abandoned belongings. Here, we offer an expansion on more complex cases like death or imprisonment. Tenant clean-out due to abandonment? Not so fast. Your normally responsive, courteous tenant has not paid rent on time […]

San Francisco Tenant Cleanout

Tenant Cleanout, Part 1

San Francisco has a ton of rental properties: more than half of us rent our homes. With all of these tenants comes the inevitable need for a tenant cleanout when a tenant leaves personal belongings behind. While we’d love to fly right over and load up this abandoned stuff for you, you’ve got some administrative […]

Let West Coast Junk in Livermore, CA, haul away your junk and discover the benefits of minimalism for yourself!

18 Benefits of Minimalism and How We Can Help

If you feel stuck as a steward to your stuff minimalism could be your way out. You don’t need to paint everything white and get rid of all furnishings save a plain chair, but you do need to make real decisions about what matters to you, and train yourself to look ONLY for those things […]

Welcome Summer in San Ramon with a yard clear out

Yard Clean Out – Get Summer Ready!

Missed the boat on Spring Cleaning this year?  No problem – It’s never too late to clean out and get ready for summer entertaining with a yard clean out!   Get a Yard Clean Out and Get Summer Ready Clear out old debris, branches and dead plants.  Get rid of non-functional patio furniture and opt […]

Hey Berkeley, did you know that May is Mental Health Month? Set your mind at ease with a declutter clean out!

Declutter for your Mental Health

You’ve seen documentaries on hoarding, or TV shows like Clean House, Animal Hoarding, and Hoarders, right? You may even have seen the newest (and inspirational) decluttering sensation Marie Kondo speaking through her interpreter to California’s buried citizens. Tidying Up… is a little different from the others, a little more hopeful. Regardless of the various approaches to filming […]

West Coast Junk can help you clean out closets and drawers to make them look bigger and sell your Oakland Home!

5 Areas to Clean Out Before Listing Your Oakland Home

If you’re thinking about selling your home, a recent New York Times article cited studies from that April is the best month of the year to list a home for sale.  If you’re listing your home for sale in Oakland, or anywhere really, you want it to look the best it can for buyers […]

Old stuff in a basement for cleaning out. Call West Coast Junk to help with your junk removal in Pleasanton, CA.

Basement Clean Out: From the Bottom Up

Looking to completely clean out your home? It’s not a bad idea to start with the bottom and then work your way up, and a basement clean outcan change the way you look at the entire space. Suddenly that couch in your living room that you love and don’t want to get rid of (but […]

West Coast Junk, based in Dublin, but serving Berkeley, the East Bay, The San Francisco Bay Area, and San Jose, can help with your bed removal service needs!

Bad Bed Removal Service: How to Avoid the Nightmare

We all love our beds. They are a safe place, somewhere to unwind after even the worst of days. According to Consumer Reports, your bed should be replaced around every ten years, or 87,600 hours of time spent in it. That moving process can be a real drag.  Mattresses and their frames are heavy and very […]