Boiler Removal in a San Francisco Apartment Building done by West Coast Junk

1920’s Boiler Removal in a San Francisco Apartment Building

We don’t always do hauling. Did you know that we can perform a wide variety of removal services? This month we were hired by one of our customers’ building handyman to help remove a 1920’s boiler from a San Francisco apartment complex. Boiler removal can be a big job, especially in San Francisco.  Here the spaces for the boilers can be tight, and the steep narrow streets are tricky to maneuver trucks and tools through. Not a problem for West Coast Junk!

Boiler Removal Includes Cutting up Heavy Steel

There are a lot of components to these old boilers: steam tubes, soot blowers, burners and other pipe systems that all intertwine and are made of heavy steel. The steel is super thick and heavy in order to handle all the pressure and heat from the steam, and it’s tough to get through. We came in with our tools and started cutting it into pieces to remove it safely.

Boiler Removal in a San Francisco Apartment Building done by West Coast Junk

Check out our Facebook page for a great video of our team in action, cutting into the steel.

Special Tools for this Boiler Removal in San Francisco

Watch out for the sparks that fly while cutting through the steel! Once we cut it in half, we started cutting it down further, and then were able to start hauling it out to the truck. Even when dismantled, each of the pieces of the boiler are extremely heavy and can require proper tools to get out of the building and off to a recycling yard. This boiler was in a basement and we had to take it up flights of stairs to get to street level.

Why Use West Coast Junk?

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If you need boiler removal in San Francisco, or anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area, or any junk pickup, debris removal, or demo help, give us a call at (925) 785-6726, or book online.

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