San Francisco Tenant Cleanout

Tenant Cleanout, Part 1

San Francisco has a ton of rental properties: more than half of us rent our homes. With all of these tenants comes the inevitable need for a tenant cleanout when a tenant leaves personal belongings behind. While we’d love to fly right over and load up this abandoned stuff for you, you’ve got some administrative […]

Playroom clean out before the holidays in San Francisco, CA

3 Spaces to Clean Out Before the Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching and it’s house guest season! Whether you’re entertaining for an evening, a weekend, or the whole season, a cleaned out space is essential for maintaining a guest-ready and guest-welcome home. To help you get started on making room for your guests, we’ve put together 3 spaces to clean out before […]

Let West Coast Junk in Livermore, CA, haul away your junk and discover the benefits of minimalism for yourself!

18 Benefits of Minimalism and How We Can Help

If you feel stuck as a steward to your stuff minimalism could be your way out. You don’t need to paint everything white and get rid of all furnishings save a plain chair, but you do need to make real decisions about what matters to you, and train yourself to look ONLY for those things […]

Call West Coast Junk for you Green Waste Removal in San Francisco, CA

Green Waste – We’re excited about Zero Waste 2020!

San Francisco might be the greenest city in the country – remember, in 2012 they diverted 80% of their solid waste from landfills and incinerators – but right now we still send too much to the landfill. Half of the “trash” we throw away could have been diverted away. We can do better. Even if […]

West Coast Junk local junk Hauling service truck

Hire A Local Junk Hauler, What’s Next?

What do we do after you hire a local junk hauler like us? Well, first, we jump around and high-five each other, because we love our work (obviously). Then, we put on the game faces, which look like this: This is a friendly game. We’re your LOCAL junk hauler! It’s exciting to us that you’ve […]

Welcome Summer in San Ramon with a yard clear out

Yard Clean Out – Get Summer Ready!

Missed the boat on Spring Cleaning this year?  No problem – It’s never too late to clean out and get ready for summer entertaining with a yard clean out!   Get a Yard Clean Out and Get Summer Ready Clear out old debris, branches and dead plants.  Get rid of non-functional patio furniture and opt […]

Do you suffer from hoarding disorder in the San Francisco Bay Area

Hoarding disorder, is it you, or is it just clutter?

One minute, you’re shaking your head at the ridiculous emotional displays of a hoarder on TV, and the next, a wave of cold recognition washes over you.  Could you be a hoarder some day?  Are you already? A few years ago, hoarding was getting a ton of attention. Hoarding Disorder became a separate, diagnosable condition […]