Construction debris removal from job site in San Leandro

Chimney Bricks and Construction Debris Removal

West Coast Junk, named a 2016 Best Oakland Junk Removal Company, understands construction debris removal should happen as fast as possible. Demo items tend to pile up in the middle of a job, and it’s a tough time to have debris in your way. Heavy bedload items make matters worse because it can take untold […]

Yard debris hauling Dublin, California doing yard debris removal in Pleasanton

Yard Debris Hauling: Palm Frond Removal in Pleasanton

West Coast Junk, Dublin’s award-winning junk removal company, hauls nearly anything you don’t want to. A common request for West Coast Junk: yard debris hauling. If your town provides a generous green waste bin, you may be able to dispose of yard waste easily enough. But not everything produced by your yard work is considered […]

Trash hauling service for junk left by tenant in San Leandro

Trash Hauling Service in San Leandro

If you’re a property manager stuck dealing with a former tenant’s junk, the answer to your problems is Dublin’s award-winning junk removal team. West Coast Junk provides superior junk removal and trash hauling service throughout the East Bay Area. We offer competitive rates and focus on cleaning up your space as fast and efficiently as […]

Debris removal service in Oakland, California

Debris removal in Oakland: Business remodel

Business renovations happen at a fast and furious pace. You need your repairs completed as quickly as possible so you can reopen your doors to the public. Post-renovation debris removal should take no time at all. When you hire West Coast Junk, Dublin’s junk hauling company committed to fast and friendly service, you can guarantee […]

Yard waste hauling for Dublin, California and the San Francisco Bay Area

Trash Hauling: 5 Fall yard cleanup inspirations

1. YARD CLEANUP KEEPS THINGS LOOKING NEAT You spend time, attention, and money on the upkeep of your home and lawn. If you live in San Jose or anywhere else in the Silicon Valley, your investment in the appearance of your home is important. Keeping your lawn free from dead leaves and branches means you’ll […]

Trash hauling for house clean outs in San Jose, CA

The Fastest Plan for a College House Clean Up

West Coast Junk owner Peter Nguyen is no stranger to house clean up and trash hauling situations. He recalls a college house where the students couldn’t handle the mess made from their end-of-year party and stored belongings: College students from Korea rented a house in Cupertino for school. They had finish and now are all […]

Yard cleanup and hauling service for Dublin, CA and the San Francisco Bay Area

Get your Fall yard cleanup handled

Fall is here and it’s great time to get your yard cleanup handled – before the rain and colder weather come. With the holidays and family gatherings fast approaching, many people want their homes looking as clean and welcoming as possible. You can have your yard, garage and even that pesky area on the side […]

San Jose hauling service demolition and clean up of residential shed

DIY Shed Demolition

Shed removal is light demo work. “Light demo” might sound easy, and shed removal seems straightforward enough. Here are the basic steps for removing a shed from your yard: Haul out the old furniture, trash, etc. Detach the doors and windows, including door hinges Remove the roof using a pry bar for wood and screwdriver […]

Trash hauling and junk removal in Dublin, CA

Junk Removal Saves a Backyard in Dublin, California

Do you treat your backyard like a junkyard? You’re not alone. Many people with stuff to stow find a solution in the wide open space of their backyard. A storage shed here, a pile of broken old patio furniture there, and pretty soon your yard looks more like the local dump than a green space […]