Roger Craig, formerly of the San Francisco 49ers, hired West Coast Junk

Need a Professional Junk Hauler? Bay Area Trash Removal is Here!

When you think about how many people have homes, apartments and businesses, you know that at some point they will have to move, sell or get rid of accumulated junk. Sometimes it’s a room that has been re-modeled, a garage that gets a second bay, maybe one of your tenants is moving out and leaves behind heaps of used furniture, trash and more. At those times, when it’s more than you can or want to handle, you might consider hiring a professional Bay Area trash removal service. Time to call West Coast Junk.

Some of the reasons you might want to call in the professionals;

  • Moving
  • Re-modeling
  • Construction Removal
  • Garage Re-do
  • Office Remodel
  • Yard Clean-out
  • Trash Disposal
  • Basement….and so much more

San Francisco Bay Area trash removal service offered by West Coast Junk

When you are looking for a junk hauling company consider some of these questions before hiring;

  • Are they insured?
  • Good reputation? (what are their customers saying about them?)
  • Great Reviews on Yelp?
  • Prompt, courteous and efficient at clean-up?
  • Do they have capacity to load and remove your items?
  • Do they follow your county area’s trash and removal procedures?
  • Are they committed to donating and recycling all reusable materials?
  • Do they offer competitive rates?
  • Do they offer free assessments?

And, just in case you are wondering, West Coast Junk can answer yes to all of the above!

First time Customers become Repeat Customers

Projects come in all sizes and our clients come from all over the SF Bay Area. We have repeat customers who will continue to use our services, like Erica O. from Hayward. She had this to say: “West Coast Junk is efficient, professional and friendly. They go above and beyond to get the job done. They came to my grandma’s house to remove over 60 years worth of junk from the basement. They had to maneuver large heavy items up a narrow, steep stairwell. My family and I were so impressed, we will be hiring them again to clear the garage soon.” (Yelp Review).

You might even recognize who this is (yes, it is Roger Craig from the San Francisco 49ers). We were honored to work with Roger on a recent project.

Roger Craig, formerly of the San Francisco 49ers, hired West Coast Junk

Thanks for the thumbs up! (Peter Nguyen, West Coast Junk, with Roger Craig, San Francisco 49ers)

At West Coast Junk we are fortunate to work with people from all around the San Francisco Bay Area. We’ve met some of the nicest people and appreciate all the great feedback we receive. Clearing out your rooms and yards and other spaces, leaving them clean and taking care of them responsibly is what we love to do.

Identify yourself here? If you have the need for Bay Area trash removal and hauling, please give West Coast Junk a call. It’s easy to set up an appointment and have junk removed from your business or home. You can either book online or call 925-785-6726 to schedule an appointment time at your convenience.

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