San Francisco Apartment Cleanout after tenant eviction

Apartment Cleanout in San Francisco After a Tenant Eviction

Although it’s rewarding at times, being a landlord in San Francisco can also be a thankless and stressful job. For example, after many months of haggling over past due rent, you’ve just had to evict a tenant from your Potrero Hill property. But now that your uncooperative renter has moved on the apartment’s a mess, which means the cleanout is going to take a while. An apartment cleanout after a tenant eviction and disposing of the junk afterward takes a lot of preparation- starting with the fact that San Francisco has the strictest trash disposal laws in the country.

Planning an Apartment Cleanout in San Francisco

Before getting started you’ll need to create a cleanup project list and then prioritize those tasks. Your former tenant left behind a lot of junk like dirty furniture, old electronics, cardboard boxes and large plastic tubs filled with unwanted clothing items.

As you survey the surroundings you notice that the filthy carpeting will need to be torn out and replaced. Even the vinyl flooring in the kitchen is trashed, and some of the window blinds are damaged. What a mess! You quickly realize that most of the debris will need to be carted off to designated recycling centers around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Before you can give the apartment a thorough cleaning and new paint job, you’ll need to remove all the junk. You’ve got some friends over in Pacific Heights that can supply some much-needed muscle and a pickup truck, so you grab your phone and dial their number.

Apartment cleanout in San Francisco

Removing and Hauling Off the Sorted Junk

Okay, you’ve written down the addresses for trash recycling and disposal centers and your friends have just pulled up. Now it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get the junk removal process rolling. As your team brings each load of trash out you start sorting it into individual piles on the lawn.

Based on which items need to go where, you end up with these piles:

• Plastic tubs and bottles
• Cardboard boxes
• Vinyl flooring and window blinds
• Carpeting
• Furniture
• Metal shelving
• Electronics (e-waste)

Now you’re starting to make progress! After a quick break you begin loading each pile into the
back of the truck and take turns hauling it off to the designated drop off locations. After a few
hours of repeating this tedious process it’s become quite apparent that there’s got to be an easier way.

Tenant eviction leads to apartment cleanout in San Francisco, CA

Preparing a San Francisco Apartment Cleanout for Another Renter

After thanking your friends with pizza and cold beverages, you send them on their way so that you can start preparing your San Francisco property for the next renter. You’ve hired professional floor covering installers from a store over by the Lone Star Saloon and they’re scheduled to come out on Monday.

That gives you the weekend to do some painting and prepping before the installers arrive. Once the painting is through, you’ve hung up new blinds and the floor coverings are installed it’ll be time to clean the appliances, along with the bathroom and rest of the kitchen. This landlord gig is a little harder than you thought!

Disposing of the Paint and Cleaning Supplies

Once the apartment has a fresh coat of paint and looks sparkling clean, you’ll need to lawfully dispose of the paint cans and cleaning chemicals. Toxic household cleaning products and paint are considered hazardous waste in San Francisco, so you’ll need to contact Recology at (415) 330-1405 to schedule a free pick-up.

San Francisco Apartment Cleanout after tenant eviction

Your Clean Apartment is Now Ready to Rent

As you proudly walk around the apartment it looks so amazing that you’re tempted to move in there yourself. After deciding that’s not an option right now the next step is listing the property on several good apartment rental sites in the Bay Area and then waiting for responses.

However, this time you’re going to be more selective in who you rent it out to so that you won’t have to repeat this lengthy and stressful apartment cleanout process ever again!

Your Reliable Junk Removal Experts in San Francisco

When you’re a San Francisco landlord cleaning out an apartment after an eviction can be a stressful and time-consuming job. You might have to rent a truck and make multiple trips to the landfill or recycling centers. Save yourself the hassle by contacting the junk removal experts at West Coast Junk instead. Our residential, business and commercial no contact services include junk cleanouts, junk removals and junk haul offs in the San Francisco area for appliances, furniture, electronics, carpeting, construction debris and a whole lot more.

Not only will we lawfully haul off your junk, but the West Coast Junk team will also be happy to help clean out your rental property so you can spend more sunny days doing something that you enjoy! When you’ve got an apartment cleanout project planned contact the junk removal experts at West Coast Junk to schedule a convenient appointment.

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