Above ground pool removal in San Jose, CA

Above-Ground Pool Removal in San Jose

After many years of enjoyment, you’ve decided to take down the above-ground swimming pool at your San Jose home. Now that your youngest is away at college the pool has become more of a nuisance than a convenience due to its constant upkeep and maintenance. But dismantling an old above-ground pool and disposing of the debris afterward is going to take some careful planning on your part. Here’s how to bring your pool removal San Jose project together so that you’ll have a more spacious, clutter-free backyard when you’re through.

Why Residents Have Swimming Pool Removal San Jose Plans

Since you live within walking distance of Camden Pool keeping yours is no longer necessary- which will also help conserve water and reduce your energy bills.

These are some other reasons why your neighbors might remove their swimming pools:

• It’s no longer being used.
• It’s dangerous for small children and the elderly.
• It came with the home and the new owners don’t want it.
• It needs expensive repairs.
• It’s taking up too much backyard space.

An above-ground pool is something that you can easily dismantle yourself. However, an in-ground pool removal in San Jose takes a special building permit and utility line safety precautions. If you want an in-ground pool torn out it’s best to contact a pool demolition company.

Above ground pool removal in San Jose, CA

How to Disassemble an Above-Ground Pool

Your friends have arrived to help you so now it’s time to get started taking your pool apart. The best strategy is to disassemble your pool in the opposite order that you set it up.

But if you didn’t assemble it in the first place here’s how to tear it out:

1. Connect the water hose to the top connector on the submersible pump and lower the pump into the middle of the pool.
2. Plug the pump into the outside outlet and make sure water is coming out the hose.
3. Once the water level gets so low that the pump is sucking in air, unplug it. Remove the submersible pump from the pool and disconnect the hose.
4. Remove all clamps, filter hoses, intake filters and pool filters from the pool.
5. With a sharp utility knife begin cutting the pool liner all around the top edge. As the liner falls pull it towards the middle of the pool.
6. With a cordless drill or screwdriver remove the screws/bolts from the connecting panels at the top of the pool.
7. Remove the screws/bolts from the wall panels. Once that’s done, start cutting out 3-foot sections with heavy-duty metal cutters.
8. After cutting and removing all the pool wall sections, take apart the bottom metal rim that held the wall in place.

Disposing of Backyard Pool Debris in San Jose

Once you’ve taken down your pool it’s time to stand back and admire your handiwork. But now there’s a big pile of debris cluttering up your backyard. You thought about getting some junk disposal advice from the pool company on Santana Row where you bought yours, but then remember that they’re no longer in business.

Above-ground pools are made of either steel or aluminum, neither or which can be lawfully disposed of with the regular trash. Those plastic pool inflatables, what’s left of your vinyl pool liner, and several jugs of pool chemicals will all need to be pitched too.

By law, metal waste in San Jose must be recycled by placing it in a curbside scrap metal recycling bin (up to 60 lbs.) or by dropping it off at the local landfill or scrapyard. You can also schedule a bulk scrap metal pickup through the city- but it might take a while.

Judging by the pile’s size your SUV is too small to haul it away and you really don’t want the unsightly junk cluttering up your yard for several days or even longer!

Pool chemicals are classified as household hazardous waste (HHW) so it’s illegal to pour them down the sink or storm drain. Instead, you’ll need to schedule a drop-off appointment at an HHW facility or stop by a take-back location.

Getting rid of your backyard pool debris has certainly gotten more complicated than you thought!

Pool Deck Removal in San Jose, CA

Your Local Yard Waste & Junk Removal Experts

Tearing out an old above-ground swimming pool and hauling off the debris can be time-consuming and exhausting. Save yourself the hassle by contacting the local yard waste and junk removal experts at West Coast Junk. Our residential, commercial and business services include lawful junk removals, junk disposals and junk haul offs in San Jose for yard waste, furniture, construction debris, appliances, electronics (e-waste), and a whole lot more.

Not only will our friendly employees efficiently dispose of your junk, we’ll even help you clean up your yard so you can have more free time! When you’ve got a pool removal project planned contact the junk removal pros at West Coast Junk to schedule a convenient appointment.

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