E-waste disposal East Bay recycling can

How Can I Lawfully manage E-Waste Disposal in the East Bay Area?

Most San Francisco Bay area residents want to create a “greener” planet for future generations. But if you’re a homeowner in Oakland with a garage full of old TVs, or a business owner in Dublin with outdated computers and printers, how do you responsibly dispose of your electronic junk? According to California environmental protection laws, […]

E-waste removal job for high-tech company in Palo Alto, California

Commercial E-waste Pickup for Your Next Move

Moving your business can be exciting, it can be rewarding and it can also be overwhelming.  Recently, a commercial customer from Palo Alto gave us a call because they needed a large volume of electronics disposed of before they relocated their business. They knew they couldn’t throw their electronics away with the rest of the […]

Home Demo San Francisco Deck

Home Demo & Debris Haul Off in San Francisco

You recently inherited an old vacant San Francisco home that’s been in your family for years. But upon closer inspection, the house is in such disrepair that it needs to be demolished before someone gets hurt. Although home demo is a relatively straightforward process it can be intimidating if you’ve never done it before. After […]

Above ground pool removal in San Jose, CA

Above-Ground Pool Removal in San Jose

After many years of enjoyment, you’ve decided to take down the above-ground swimming pool at your San Jose home. Now that your youngest is away at college the pool has become more of a nuisance than a convenience due to its constant upkeep and maintenance. But dismantling an old above-ground pool and disposing of the […]

Prepping for an Oakland estate sale with furniture and home goods

Cleaning Out to Prep an Oakland Estate Sale

Your elderly mother recently passed away, leaving behind your childhood home in Oakland. Now it’s your responsibility to get the property ready to sell. After much consideration, you’ve decided to hold an Oakland estate sale but it’s going to take some time to sort through all the contents first. Cleaning out a vacated property before […]

San Francisco Apartment Cleanout after tenant eviction

Apartment Cleanout in San Francisco After a Tenant Eviction

Although it’s rewarding at times, being a landlord in San Francisco can also be a thankless and stressful job. For example, after many months of haggling over past due rent, you’ve just had to evict a tenant from your Potrero Hill property. But now that your uncooperative renter has moved on the apartment’s a mess, […]

This room is reno ready thanks to junk removal by West Coast Junk! Home Improvement San Francisco style might mean turning this into a home office!

3 Home Improvement Projects to Do While Sheltering in Place in San Francisco  

Most people in the San Francisco Bay Area are doing their part to flatten the COVID-19 curve. And although those measures have been effective public health officials recently announced that the stay-at-home order would be extended through May for six Northern California counties, including San Francisco County. If that includes you, sheltering in place for […]

Garage clean out Walnut Creek, CA

Cleaning Out While Staying in in Walnut Creek

From Alamo to Walnut Creek, most people in the San Francisco Bay Area are spending more time at home right now under shelter-in-place orders that are helping to minimize the COVID-19 threat. If you’ve got a little more time on your hands why not put it to good use by cleaning out while staying in […]

Backyard Junk Oakland Hauling

How to Eliminate Backyard Junk at Your Oakland Home

For months now you’ve been planning to clean up the backyard junk at your Oakland home. Something always seems to come up, like that flea market in Piedmont or rock concert at the Chase Center. But this weekend’s going to be different. You’ve cleared your social calendar and the weather forecast looks perfect. Plus, your […]