San Jose junk removal and hauling service for sofa, beds and trash

3 Times You Should Hire Junk Removal Experts After Saying “Goodbye”

When you rent out your house or share your living space with another person, they are usually kind enough to take all their belongings with them when they leave. Other times, unfortunately, they leave all their junk behind for your to deal with.

If this happens to you, don’t waste another minute of your time cleaning up after them. Say “goodbye” to your property’s former residents and “hello” to your new, clear space with a team of professionals who will do all the trash hauling for you.

1. Junk Removal San Jose: When You Evict Your Tenants

If eviction seems like a bad deal for the tenants, property owners dread the situation even more. Eviction typically means a pile of unwanted, unsellable furniture and belongings the landlord has to get rid of. Let’s say you live in San Jose and are stuck with your former renters’ junk. You’ll have to remove it from the house or apartment then spend a lot of time dumping it. In San Jose trash hauling means taking separate trips to the dump on one side of town and the recycling center in the other direction.

When it comes to junk removal San Jose landlords are better off hiring waste hauling professionals to empty the property. It could take you weeks to finish the job yourself but waste haulers need less than a day. That means doing a quick turnaround on your tenant situation even if the former renters left a huge mess behind.

2. When Whoever Owns that Storage Unit Goes

This is a situation property managers confront regularly: storage units filled with junk no one wants to claim. Old renters or lazy tenants don’t remove their things, and you’re left with having to throw out everything from mattresses and couches to air conditioners and computers. Even if you don’t manage a property you could be left with a similar mess. A roommate or your ex might leave you with a shared unit filled with their junk that you’re now responsible for.

Since storage units can be filled with any imaginable assortment of things, find a trash hauling service that will take nearly anything. As a property manager you may have dumpsters at your disposal but they fill up fast, and you aren’t supposed to chuck items like electronics and appliances in the trash. A decent junk removal services can take it all off your hands and make sure everything is disposed of properly.

3. When Your Kid Leaves for College

Junk hauling isn’t just for property managers and landlords. The average citizen might not be renting out a house to tenants, but most families face the situation of having a kid leave home. When they do depart for college or life on their own, grown children tend to leave behind a mess of their things to deal with.

If this is you, chances are you have big plans to turn that extra bedroom into a guest room, office, sewing room, or mancave. You should be able to focus your energy on making those changes to your home. Instead of wasting a couple weekends clearing out the old bedroom set and boxes of outgrown clothing, you can call haulers to empty out the room so you can start picking out paint colors.

Take a look at some pictures from a recent junk removal and hauling job in San Jose

The first two pictures are from an apartment complex. Property management called us to pick up a mattress and sofa from a previous eviction. We also cleaned out several storage and trash rooms that were filled with furniture and trash, and hauled everything away.

Junk removal job in San Jose for an apartment complex

Junk removal – BEFORE

Trash hauling service in San Jose for an apartment complex

Junk removal – AFTER

This next set of pictures shows some cleanup and hauling we did for a home eviction. Tenant was letting other people live there and they ruined the house and garage. They trashed the whole place so the owner had to kick them out. The owner used the home insurance to pay us to haul away all the junk.

Junk removal San Jose and hauling service for sofa, beds and trash

Junk removal San Jose, services for residential eviction cleanup

San Jose junk removal and hauling from a garage packed with junk

San Jose trash removal and hauling service to cleanout a garage

Trash and junk piled up in San Jose back yard

The last two pictures are from a room clean-out. The homeowner’s son moved away after graduating college and left all his belongings behind, accumulated since childhood. The homeowner wanted the room cleaned out so they could put it up for rent. We removed the junk and hauled everything away!

Removal and hauling of junk accumulated in a room

Removal of piles of junk from a residential room

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