Let West Coast Junk in Livermore, CA, haul away your junk and discover the benefits of minimalism for yourself!

18 Benefits of Minimalism and How We Can Help

If you feel stuck as a steward to your stuff minimalism could be your way out. You don’t need to paint everything white and get rid of all furnishings save a plain chair, but you do need to make real decisions about what matters to you, and train yourself to look ONLY for those things in your life.  Moving towards a minimalist mindset will improve your life across all areas – most importantly, your health. To learn some of the benefits of minimalism, read on.


Discover 18 Benefits of Minimalism and how West Coast Junk can help in Pleasanton, CA!

What is a minimalist mindset?

Choosing to have a minimalist mindset means that you’re committed to have less stuff. You focus on what you really need, and then your heart’s highest wishes, then stay in that mindset as you make decisions about what and who belong in your life.

Retraining your brain takes time. What West Coast Junk offers is a jumpstart that will give you the momentum you need to improve your life. You know, like the hardcore phase of a diet. It’s almost the easiest phase, because you see results really quickly and know when you’re done. It’s the ongoing maintenance part that requires long-term habit changes.


Benefits of Minimalism = Better Health – Shifting to a minimalist mindset improves your mental and physical health.

  1. Focus.  You know how you turn down the radio when you’re looking for a Street sign while driving? It’s kind of the same thing when you remove the extra objects from your space. Visual noise in your home distracts you, so you expend mental energy managing, organizing, cleaning, or feeling overwhelmed by clutter. Dumping all of that extra stuff quiets the noise so you can focus on what matters.
  2. Breathe Easier.  Your health takes a hit when there’s a lot of clutter in your home. Dust accumulates, and it’s hard to clean thoroughly when the house has a lot of stuff. It’s also easier to breathe when you have less stress in your life! Which leads us to…
  3. Less Stuff = Less Stress — Getting rid of the extra stuff in your visual field reduces the strain on your brain, allowing you to relax because there is less for your brain to pay attention to. That relaxes your body, too! And, since you’re not simply decluttering your home, but adopting a new, minimalist mindset, you’re clearing out your inner self of extra distraction, too.

  4. Healthier Body Weight.  People with more clutter have more stress and eat more junk food and have more stress hormones that contribute to weight gain. Research indicates that people who live in a cluttered environment eat more junk and are more often overweight, while those in homes with more room exercise more and are more relaxed.
  5. Increases mindfulness.  Mindfulness helps you to pay attention to the moment and take control of your life
  6. Feel more confident and in control. You are the master or mistress of all you survey, and you can actually see it! Everything in your home was chosen, rather than mindlessly acquired.
  7. Be more social!  You’ll have room for a party and a spare bed now that your crafting boxes and the like are out. At the very least, you won’t be embarrassed to invite someone in.

Let West Coast Junk in Livermore, CA, haul away your junk and discover the benefits of minimalism for yourself!

Benefits of Minimalism = More money in your pocket

  1. Spend less on housing.  You’ll be able to downgrade to a smaller place or stop paying for a storage unit if you have fewer things. If you already live in the smallest place ever, hey, you’ll have room to move around!
  2. Keep track of your stuff.  No repurchasing lost items. Things get lost in the clutter. No clutter, no lost things! Also, fewer broken things, which would also require replacement.
  3. Impulse purchases are done.  Adopting a minimalist lifestyle and mindset means no impulse purchases, no “shopping therapy.” Bonus: No storage solutions needed.

Benefits of Minimalism = Help Others

  1. Donations.  You’ll be helping someone else with the donations you generate from the big clean-out.
  2. Environmentally friendly.  If you buy and accumulate less stuff, less packaging goes into landfills and oceans. Less fuel is used to carry that stuff around the earth. Remember: West Coast Junk Recycles!
  3. Less Clutter.  Not just in the short run, but also in the long run. Clutter begets clutter. Another one of the benefits of minimalism!
  4. Safer home. A Benefit of Minimalism = Fewer trip hazards, plus less stuff falling during earthquakes or visits from tall, clumsy people.

  5. Pest control.  Give pests fewer places to hide, and get rid of them more easily if they do encroach.
  6. Better for your kids.  Children thrive in environments where they feel safe, but cluttered environments are less safe and adds stress that can negatively impact their development or behavior. The stress of all of that clutter can keep them from learning and developing as well as they should. Plus, they want to invite friends over! Lastly – and this is sobering – they learn by watching you. If you want them to develop good habits, start with learning new habits to demonstrate.
  7. More time.  Spend time doing what you value instead of looking for lost items. 

And best of all…

  1. Life Makeover!

Show off what’s most important to you by choosing what to keep. Marie Kondo advises in her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up that you keep only what you need or truly love. Think of this as an opportunity to live in a home that genuinely reflects who you and your family are. Showcase what brings you joy.

Excited to start your new Minimalist Lifestyle?

Book an appointment or give us a call at (510) 421-1730. Setting up an appointment gives you a real-world, solid start to your new minimalist makeover. Booking with us is an easy way to get a great jump on this, too. Just point at what you’re ready to part with, and we’ll lift it up and out of your house! Take a step towards a healthier, more meaningful life today.

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