Spring Cleaning mess in SF Bay Area, old furniture, junk needs hauling

Spring Clean Bay Area: Stay Healthy, Hire a Hauler!

Spring Cleaning has been shown to have both mental and physical health benefits – physically, you’re removing dust and debris that can harbor allergens and pests, perhaps old chemicals.  Freeing up physical space in your home and crossing things off your to-do lists also can relieve stress (often the pile of junk can be the stressor itself!) This article lists six emotional and physical benefits of removing junk.  Let us help you get healthy this year, by taking the clutter and junk out of your life, and the task off of your list.  April and May bring some of the year’s best weather, and it’d be a shame to miss out on it because there’s too much clutter, or you’re too busy.  Here are three reasons to leave the final Spring Clean to a professional:

We’ll finish the job and save you the stress

Messes equal stresses! Spring Clean them out of your life, and start living better. Quite often it helps to have someone else finish up the last bit of a very large task, when you’re getting burnt out, losing steam, or creeping back to the emotional state that has had you hold onto the junk to begin with. We’ve all had those things that we get part of the way finished, and then the weekend ends and it sits there, unfinished. We mean to get back to it the next weekend, but then life gets in the way. Hire a professional, and we’ll finish your job once and for all, sweep the floor, and get you off to a healthier you!

Spring Cleaning mess in SF Bay Area, old furniture, junk needs hauling

Spring Clean Out Before: an unhealthy, stressful mess of old furniture and clutter!

Our team can spring clean fast, while you do other things!

You could spend a whole weekend or more renting a truck, making trips to a donation site or the dump, finding neighbors to come pick things up from your house, or figuring out what goes where. Your time is valuable, whether it’s family time, work time, or you time that you’re sacrificing. Our team of professionals will come direct to your home, (giving you a phone call before they do so you can plan properly and not waste your day!) quickly and efficiently load up your junk, debris, old furniture, and have the job completed before you’ve even missed a game!

Spring clean out in SF Bay Area, clean, clear patio, with all the junk hauled away by West Coast Junk

Spring Clean Out After: a clean space, stress-free and ready to be enjoyed!

We have the trucks and the tools

As mentioned above, renting a truck can be time consuming and costly, and that’s not even the junk removal part!  We already have the truck, the tools to safely load and the relationships to get the junk to the proper place.  Our team will respect your space, and help you take your spring clean to the next level, by getting rid of what you’ve sorted out.  You’ve already done the emotional part, figuring out what needs to go, now we can take it away and leave you with a clean space to enjoy the rest of the year!

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