Removal old playhouses, barns, greenhouses with our yard debris removal service!

Yard Debris Removal – Making Room for Fun!

Unless your neighbors interact with you personally, the appearance of your house from the curb may be all that they know about you. So, what does it say if your front yard is messy, covered with junk or other debris? On the other end of things, your backyard should be a sanctuary for you and your family or friends. That’s tough to do when you can’t even see the grass. If you feel you’re not getting the most out of your yards, it may be time for some serious clean up.  Yard debris removal could be exactly what you need.

Your Front Yard: A Sight for Sore Eyes or a Sorry Sight?

Up your curb appeal and home value with yard debris removal!

You’ll ideally be living in your home for many years to come. The thought of pulling up to an ugly home for all those years is not a particularly appealing one. To really get the most out of a yard redesign, you need a fresh start. That means getting rid of old plants, branches, debris that has blown onto your property. Get rid of any old lawn decorations . These are all things that West Coast Junk can take care of!

With our yard debris removal services, you have a chance to get a blank canvas. Completely revitalize the way your home looks from the street! Put in new planters or terraces, plant new flowers or trees, create a new pathway. The options are endless when you have enough space.

Plus, if you’re thinking about selling your home in the near future, it needs to look good. According to major real estate site Zillow, getting a great photo of your home is essential if you want any chance of selling it. All we’ll add is that it’s tough to get that great photo when you have branches and leaves strewn about.

Turn Your Backyard Into Something Special

There are all kinds of fun things you can do in your backyard. Barbecues, swimming, playing with the kids, and gardening are just some of the things we love. Alternatively, if you’re just looking for a bit of time to unwind, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with sitting on the lounge chair, enjoying the silence with a cup of coffee.

If you’re like most homeowners, you’ve probably spent a fair amount of mornings with that same cup of coffee in your hand staring out at your backyard, wishing it could be something more. However, it’s nearly impossible to do any of those things when you don’t have space. Even large backyards can feel cluttered when they’re messy.

A quick call to West Coast Junk at (925) 785-6726 and you can set an appointment for yard debris removal to completely transform your backyard. Life is too short – and your home is too expensive – to sit around wasting it. Trust the pros to get your backyard looking clean again so you can be out back enjoying it. Just be sure that the fridge is stocked!

Yard Debris Removal in Los Gatos

Barns, Green Houses, and More Yard Debris Removal

Yard debris removal isn’t just limited to your front or back yard. Many homeowners have other additions to their properties such as barns for animals or green houses. These are both wonderful pieces of property that are not only useful but also add character to your home. However, they only add value if they’re properly maintained.

Even if you don’t have any animals, a barn makes for an excellent storage center for bulkier items or equipment. Often times, however, the barn gets neglected and junk piles up. This makes it impossible to actually use. If you have a barn that you’re not getting the most of, considering tacking it on to your plans for yard debris removal.

Removal old playhouses, barns, greenhouses with our yard debris removal service!

Your greenhouse is no good if there’s not enough space to grow anything in! Getting rid of old, rusty racks or shelves and introducing new plants can help breathe some life back into your property.

Sometimes, we let our yards get so dirty and cluttered that we forget how open they once were and all the ideas we had for them. West Coast Junk is happy to bring those exciting possibilities back into your life. Just call (925) 785-6726 to make an appointment for yard debris removal or visit our site for more information.

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