Livermore, CA rusty car parts junk haul

Junk Haul and Clean-up of Cars, Trucks, and More in Livermore, CA

At West Coast Junk we are lucky to have so many repeat customers. It means a lot to us to know that we’ve done such a good job and that our customers keep calling us back when they have a junk haul or clean up project that needs our professional help. (Thank you for your business!)

Our customer from Livermore, CA had a yard full of truck, car and other parts that needed to be hauled away. The parts were quite large, heavy and very rusty. We were happy to assist and remove the debris properly.


Junk haul in Livermore, CA of car parts, tire disposal

One of the many reasons professional junk hauling companies are called is when a customer has a large volume of items to be removed that are either too heavy, too much to fit in a car or a regular size truck or sometimes the customer doesn’t know where to take all of the trash.

When you call West Coast Junk you will be dealing with a team of hard-working professional junk haulers. We’ve been removing trash over twelve years now, our equipment is in tip top shape along with our vehicles. We have all the necessary tools for both smaller and large jobs, including the man power to move some of the most unwieldy items. We understand local requirements at the landfills and we also make every effort to distribute any reusable refuse to organizations that can use them.


Livermore, CA trash haul, rusty metal car parts and tire disposal

How large is your junk haul and removal service area?

One of the frequently asked questions is how far will we travel to pick up junk. When we were contacted by our customer in Livermore, CA we knew exactly where to go, we arrived on time and we were able to complete the project quickly. We have a lot of experience working in the Tri-Valley area. A complete list of the locations we cover can be found here. Please check with us to see if we cover your area.

Does West Coast Junk offer any discounts for trash removal or junk haul?

West Coast Junk is a fast, affordable, friendly and professional trash hauling company.  We also offer discounts through coupons that are available on our website, so check in often as they change frequently.  

West Coast Junk is based in Dublin, CA and serves the greater San Francisco Bay Area, including San Jose and all of Silicon Valley. Need service right away? Call or text (925) 785-6726.

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