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Hoarding is not just a tendency to keep things, or resisting a hoarding clean out. Hoarding is the compulsive collection of possessions accompanied by difficulty parting with them. Many of us have a friend or family member who exhibits the symptoms. Perhaps you have a grandparent who may have lived through the depression or a season of severe inflation. Often driven by fear that items may be needed in the future (due to lack of availability, unseen need, or financial implications), hoarders don’t want to let go of things even if considered useless by others. Perhaps a hoarding clean out is needed to start the recognition process.

Hoarding affects four percent of the population. … It is estimated that more than 80-percent of animal hoarders have diseased or dead animals on their properties. Approximately 70-percent of hoarders are women, who are single, divorced, widowed, or have suffered emotional trauma in their lives. (8 Facts on the Physical, Social, and Emotional Impacts of Hoarding)

Over-shopping is also something we often make light of

In the United States alone, approximately 18 million people suffer from a “compulsion to spend money, regardless of need or financial means,” says Healthline.com. … Of those who have compulsive buying disorder, referred to medically as monomania, approximately 90 percent are women.  (Addicted to Shopping: 5 Things to Know About Compulsive Buying Disorder)

An addiction to shopping, or “compulsive buying disorder” differs from casual shopping. Differences include lack of impulse control, use as a coping mechanism, or an obsession for making purchases on a very regular basis. Compulsive buying disorder and hoarding can be linked in the addiction category, due to that reason, over-shopping and over-keeping often go together.

Hoarder Clean Out SF Bay Area

West Coast Junk can Help with hoarding clean out

West Coast Junk can help clean up and out! To keep from relapsing, a whole change of behavior is needed. Start by letting go of small things, recognizing their need is not currently present in your life. We can come in and take the hard part off your plate, the decision-making, and actual letting go process, and do a hoarding clean out. Our team is kind, respectful, and quick. We can find good homes to donate or repurpose items of quality, and you can rest easy knowing that the items were not just wasted.

Cleaning out houses or rooms will create a healthy living environment, therefore minimizing fire and disease hazards. After a hoarding clean out, your hoarder can breath fresh air — both literally and figuratively – deep breaths of their new non-hoarding habits!

People who hoard often live in hazardous conditions. Their homes are cluttered and filthy. Presenting both a fire and disease hazard. (Effect on Quality of Life)

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Like this one that just came in from Kim I. in Pleasanton:


West Coast Junk were super responsive, considerate, and fast! They found space in their busy schedule to accommodate my request and took care to protect my home while still being very quick about removing my mattress. And, they were friendly and personable. I highly recommend them.

To get back on track to healthy with a hoarding clean out, call us today at (925)785.6726.  Or book online!

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