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Hauling construction cleanup in Vallejo

West Coast Junk’s award-winning team of experts know about hauling construction cleanup. Home remodeling projects, especially where rooms are completely gutted, can stack up an unbelievable amount of junk.

If the construction debris pile behind your house is higher, wider, and deeper than you thought it would be, don’t panic. Our fast, friendly, Dublin-based trash hauling professionals are only a phone call away.

The Reality of Remodeling Cleanup

You likely started the remodeling project with visions of rebuilt, freshly painted rooms. That mountain of debris in the backyard was the last thing on your mind. Most home renovations result in a trash pile made up of:

  • Kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures
  • Sheetrock, from large pieces to small bits
  • Doors, including hardware
  • Vertical blinds and tracks
  • Rolls of carpet

Unfortunately, you can’t just set these items out on the curb for pick up. Many collection services won’t touch rolls of carpet no matter what and will only take away so many appliances per year. But a pile like this left out too long runs the risk of growing mold or blowing all over your property. The more wind and rain your junk pile sees, the worse the clean-up may be when it finally happens.

Finishing Touches: Hauling Construction Cleanup for a Home Remodel in Vallejo

West Coast Junk recently headed north to Vallejo for a construction cleanup job. They came to the rescue before the pile had a chance to become an even bigger mess from exposure to the elements. They left the homeowners to enjoy their remodeling efforts without worrying about the mess in the backyard.

The team confronted the typical assortment of construction trash: stacked up boxes of household items, old appliances and electronics, and building debris like sheetrock and wood. Owner Peter Nguyen said, “Nobody likes to do the junk removal and hauling work. This is where we come in.” The team tackled the pile from top to bottom until every last piece of carpet, glass, and plastic was removed.

Rolls of carpet hauled away by West Coast Junk

This is the kind of experience you can expect from West Coast Junk. Your hauling needs may be comparable to this remodeling job, or smaller, or bigger. It doesn’t matter: Dublin’s favorite junk removal professionals deliver this kind of efficient yet meticulous service to all its clients in the Bay Area.

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