A garage clean out in Pleasanton, CA

Garage Clean Out Without Breaking a Sweat

When you first move into your home, you probably told yourself that you were going to keep your garage looking nice. You’d be able to park your car (or cars) it it all the time and have no problem getting in and out. In other words, it’s time for a garage clean out.

After a while, you started to have a little too many things in your house and needed to clear some space. There was plenty of room in the garage, and what’s one thing? That one thing becomes two, which becomes four, and suddenly there’s not even enough room to park your car.

Garage clean out in Fremont, CA

DIY Garage Clean Out

If you have a free weekend or two and are willing to get your hands dirty, cleaning out your garage is something that can be done on your own. To make the process go as smoothly as possible, here’s a few tip from the pros:

  1. Plan out the cleaning ahead of time
  2. Clean the garage in sections, not everything at once
  3. Buy storage boxes to consolidate items you’d like to keep
  4. Stay hydrated!

As with any other laborious project, many hands makes for less work. Recruit some friends or family, even if it’s just for a few hours, to help speed up the process.

Be careful carrying anything heavy or awkwardly-shaped, as you don’t want to hurt yourself. Also, if you have paint or other chemicals that have been sitting around for some time, it is very important that you handle them with care and dispose of them properly.

Unfortunately, West Coast Junk does not work with any chemicals. Things like old furniture, mattresses, appliances, and all other kinds of junk are right up our alley. In fact, you can find a full list of the items we will and won’t take here.

A garage clean out in Livermore, CA

What If You Don’t Want to Do a Garage Clean Out Yourself?

We can’t say we blame you. A good garage clean outis not very fun, but it’s important. On top of the space issue, leaving boxes lying around in your garage for months can mean a build up of dust and particles. In some climates, there may also be a host of spiders or other insects lurking in between boxes.

West Coast Junk is happy to provide for you all the benefits of a completely clean garage without any of the hard work. That means no planning, no heavy lifting, no weekends wasted. You won’t even need to worry about trips back and forth to the dump, hauling dirty boxes or other objects in the back of your nice car. Simply point out what you’d like to be taken out and we’ll take care of the rest.

A garage clean out in Pleasanton, CA

Who West Coast Junk Can Help

West Coast Junk is based out of Dublin, CA and our garage clean out services are available to just about anyone in the Bay Area. This includes San Jose, Cupertino, Los Gatos, Palo Alto, and beyond.

If you’re living in San Francisco, you know more than anyone just how little space you have in your garage – we’d be happy to haul away anything you don’t want, making it easy for you to park your car.

If you are a student in Santa Clara or Berkeley, there’s no reason to add even more to your plate. Our rates are low enough that even a student can afford professional services! Leave the hard work to us while you relax from your studies or get more studying done over the weekend.

Interested in having a garage that’s even cleaner than it was the day you moved in? Want to be able to keep your car safe and clean from the weather? Give us a call today at (925) 785-6726 or visit our booking page to make an appointment for a garage clean outfor your home!

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