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Appliance Disposal the Correct Way

New, exciting appliance technologies seem to be popping up every year, enticing you consumers to upgrade. When it comes time to pull the trigger on a new washing machine or refridgerator, don’t spoil the excitement by hurting yourself trying to move the old model on your own. West Coast Junk offers affordable and easy appliance disposal services that will help you avoid the major headache – and possible back pain – that often comes with replacing heavy equipment.

Thinking of Doing it Yourself? Bad Idea.

There are a lot of issues that can pop up when getting rid of old appliances, but the two biggest are pain and damage. Unless you are in great physical health and know how to properly lift and move very heavy objects, it’s extremely easy to hurt yourself. Obvious areas of concern are your lower back and knees, but serious damage to your hand can become a nightmare. Your ability to work becomes limited and simple chores around the house become impossible. Not fun.

Your body isn’t the only thing that can be damaged while carrying heavy equipment. Recently remodel your kitchen, and want to add a new dishwasher to finish it off? Don’t destroy the beautiful new tile or cabinets by trying to pull the old machine out. Keep your kitchen looking great and leave the heavy lifting to our professionals.

The Appliance Disposal Process

Making an appointment with us is simple. On our Booking page you will find our easy-to-read online schedule. If you already have a date and time in mind, check the schedule for availability and then fill out the information form to request a position. Once everything is received on our end, we’ll lock you into the schedule to ensure that you are alloted the time necessary for getting the job done correctly. Be sure to include your location and be as specific as you can about the appliance you’d like removed.

Appliance Disposal in San Jose, CA - Refrigerator disposal, washing machine disposal, microwave disposal, oven disposal

No two items are the same, and sometimes getting a bulky object out can get tricky. Thankfully, our team is comprised of highly-experienced experts ready to handle any appliance disposal job. They have handled all kinds of different machines in just about every type of room you can imagine: living rooms, kitchens, garages, bedrooms, and more. If you have questions or are worried about your specific situation, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (925) 785-6726 and we’ll be happy to walk you through it.

The EPA has strict rules when it comes to disposing of appliances. A major difference between us and other, less reputable junk haulers is where the junk ends up. West Coast Junk works with several local charities and recycling facilities to ensure that your appliance will be disposed of properly and isn’t ending up dumped on the street or left around in an industrial lot.  In fact, we donate or recycle up to 70% of everything we take, minimizing waste. We are dedicated to keeping our cities and streets clean and junk free!

Areas We Serve

West Coast Junk offers appliance disposal to a huge area. Take a look at our list below to see if your city is included:

Appliance Disposal Bay Area we serve with West Coast Junk

Our hours are typically Monday-Saturday, 8am-5pm. However, we are well aware that our clients have very busy schedules and we want to do what we can do help you get junk out of your house even on the busiest of days. That’s why we also offer after hours pick-ups, which you can arrange over the phone at (925) 785-6726.

In need of appliance disposal? Give us a call or reach out to us through our contact page today to get started and see firsthand why our clients absolutely love us!


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