Full apartment clean out in San Francisco, CA, before

Apartment Clean Out in San Francisco, CA

Sometimes we are called to clean out whole apartments. This 3rd floor walk up in San Francisco, was chock full of a lifetime of collections and belongings and the family called us to clear it out. We came in and sorted through what to donate (clothes, books, artwork, furniture that may have been in okay shape), what to dispose of, (linens, trash, non-working pieces) and took the entire apartment clean out down three flights of stairs!

Full apartment clean out in San Francisco, CA, before

Clothes, Furniture, lamps – This apartment is ready for clean out.

Full apartment clean out in San Francisco, CA, before

All kinds of accumulation. Some can be donated some needs disposal – We do both!

Third floor stairs, no problem for West Coast Junk

When working with narrow and steep stairs in cities like San Francisco, CA, it’s important to feel confident in your body, in your feet, and in your muscles! One wrong step could cause a tumble, and it’s a good amount of cardio to go up and down each trip. Our team is both well-equipped and well-practiced to handle situations like this, with tight turns and extra fitness required, all without disrupting the neighbors or the whole building. Our clients appreciate our commitment to your spaces, whether that’s your home, office, yard, or neighborhood; we treat it with respect, and are here to make things easier for you, not the other way around.

Empty apartment clean out in San Francisco, CA - after West Coast Junk

Cleaned out, swept up, and ready for whatever is next

Furniture disposal, appliance pick up, junk hauling, we got it.

Furniture disposal in San Francisco can be a big challenge. Narrow stairs, old buildings, and the challenges that come with living in the city (maybe you don’t have car!) make it tricky to figure out – we can help! We do more than just junk hauling San Francisco, and apartment clean outs are a great example.

Empty apartment clean out in San Francisco, CA - after West Coast Junk

Hassle-free on the client’s part, West Coast Junk will haul it all!

Apartment clean out all over the Bay Area

This apartment clean out in San Francisco began with a phone call and full rooms. When we finished, it was empty, swept up, and ready for cleaners, painters, and a new tenant; very quick and simple. If you have old furniture removal, appliance pick up, or junk hauling needs in San Francisco, or anywhere in the Bay Area or San Jose (see our full service area), West Coast Junk would love to help you move out and move on. We are happy to take on smaller jobs as well.

To get a quote and start your way to clean and cleared out, call us at 925-785-6726   or use our online booking form.

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