five reasons to get rid of junk - a haven for rodents

5 reasons to motivate you to get rid of junk!

“I just moved and have a garage full of cardboard boxes.” “We had a garage sale and have all of this junk left over and have no idea what to do with it, so we left it in the backyard.” “We downsized and now have a ton of stuff that needs to just go!”  “We have an attic filled with over 20 years of stuff and frankly no one even wants to go in there, it’s overwhelming.”  Does any of this sound familiar? If it helps to know that you are not alone when it comes to accumulated junk, yes, you are not alone! Get rid of junk!

Shutting the door on an attic filled with stuff won’t make it go away. There are many reasons or motivations for a homeowner or business owner to have too much trash or junk around. Sometimes it happens from a one-time event, or it might be accumulated over the years.  Whatever your reason, here are five great motivators to help you get rid of junk sooner than later.



Piles of leaves and trimmings laying around get drier over time. Stacks of pallets will also get drier as they sit in the sun. Before it becomes a fire hazard to your property and your neighbors’ it’s best to remove it.  If you don’t have the means to remove the debris, call a professional junk removal company, they will have the equipment and trained personnel to haul it away.

five reasons to get rid of junk - fire hazard

An eyesore and fire hazard



The most difficult part of a project is the final cleanup. Often throwing away leftovers or straightening up is put off for another day. Garbage, trash, appliances, old furniture, or scrap materials are a visual blight to the neighborhood. Removing them properly and quickly will not only make your neighbors happy but it will be a positive for your property value.

Something to consider is that the things that look like junk to one person, are valuable materials for someone else’s next project. Lumber, salvage materials, fixtures, appliances, furniture, lumber, barrels, scrap metal, and other such materials might look like a pile of treasure to be hunted! These items must be stored away from public view and/or removed from the property to reduce your risk of individuals trespassing on your property.

When you work with a professional junk hauler they will know where to haul the trash.  Sometimes they will even deliver the items to a recycling or non-profit center that can make use of the items. Helping someone else while also helping yourself is a great reason to get rid of junk.



Most communities have code enforcement in place to protect the homeowner and neighbors.  For example in Belmont, CA, cars and trucks that are dismantled, wrecked or otherwise not in running condition, must be stored inside of a completely enclosed and permitted building such as a garage or a shed, and away from public eye.

If you have cars or trucks that are not in running condition and they are stored on the street in front of your house, in your driveway, front, side or back yards, you may be required to remove them from your property. Please consult with your local Code Enforcement office for more information.



Piles of pallets and brush are a haven for large and small critters.  They love making nests and having families in there. Additionally, those small critters attract larger animals that could be a danger to yourself or your family.  For example, coyotes may be attracted to areas where rodents are concentrated, such as wood and brush piles and seed storage areas. By clearing these areas, this will reduce protective cover for coyotes and make the area less attractive to rodents. (Another very good reason to get rid of junk piles!)

five reasons to get rid of junk - a haven for rodents

A haven for rodents



These are all very practical motivations to help you reach the conclusion that removing all of that junk and trash is a good idea.  Once you’ve made your decision to get rid of the debris, you might want to consider hiring a professional junk hauling business.  Let them attend to the details and tie up loose ends of all your furniture removal, garbage removal, scrap metal removal, and/or debris clean up. They will see you through your project down to the final sweeping, leaving your space clean and giving you the peace of mind you deserve.



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